In early 2015, after 19 years of living in their Glendale, CA, residence, the homeowners decided it was time to update their 1960’s tract house. Over the years, portions of the exterior were renovated, and they felt it was time for the interior space to be modernized. To complete the transformation, they hired designer Mark Hermogeno, owner of Hermogeno Designs in Los Angeles, CA. The focus was to remodel the upstairs guest bathroom and master bathroom, which were both in dire need of a complete renovation.

For the master bathroom, Caesarstone quartz in the color “Buttermilk,” with an eased edge, was selected for the vanity countertop, as well as the shower curb top and window ledge. The quartz countertop measures 72 x 24 inches. 

In the guest bathroom, Hermogeno chose Pentalquartz in “Dolce Vita,” with an eased edge, for the vanity countertop, which is 60 inches long x 24 inches wide. Additionally, the same material was used for the pony wall topper and window ledge.  The materials for both spaces were provided, fabricated and installed by Stone Master LLC in Tarzana, CA. 

“All materials chosen were selected for the colors and material features,” explained Hermogeno. “Both the Caesarstone and Pentalquartz were chosen to coordinate with the porcelain tiles selected for each room. The guest bathroom’s gray tones played off the gray Italian porcelain floor tile really well, and the Caesarstone Buttermilk coordinated seamlessly with the Porcelanosa tiles found throughout the space.”

For Hermogeno, it was extremely useful that the clients had a clear vision of what they wanted.

“What helped in the planning of the project and selection process is the clients knew what they wanted for the master bathroom,” he said. “They wanted a modern neutral aesthetic. They also wanted easy maintenance countertops, so Caesarstone was a great choice. As for the guest bathroom, we wanted it to coordinate so that it did not look out of place, but we also wanted it to look a bit different. Once the clients saw the sample of the Pentalquartz, they fell in love with it.”

As expected, with any major renovation, challenges surfaced that needed to be faced head on.

The biggest issue with the project was dealing with the oddities and age of the structure itself. There were pipes running through slanted walls in the house that were unexpected, and the contractor on the job, RM Builders & Development Corp. of Sun Valley, CA, had to be very precise in working with and around these obstacles to ensure the desired end result.

When the bathrooms were completed, all the hard work and effort was deemed well worth it.

“Every time I speak to the clients, they tell me how much they and everyone that comes to their home love the end result, and they are so very proud of the space,” said Hermogeno. “The clients are so happy to finally have bathrooms that are modern and up-to-date that they have discussed remodeling the downstairs bathroom and kitchen.”  

Private Residence

Glendale, CA

Interior Designer: Hermogeno Designs, Los Angeles, CA

Exterior Installer/General Contractor: RM Builders & Development Corp., Sun Valley, CA

Interior Installer/Fabricator: Stone Master LLC, Tarzana, CA