ROCKin’teriors had the opportunity to work on a one-of-a-kind residential project, located in its home base of Raleigh, NC, that pushed the company beyond its standards. Partnering with Rufty Homes, also of Raleigh, ROCKin’teriors fully renovated the kitchen and master bathroom of a 14,000-square-foot luxury home, featuring a 6-cm-thick, single slab of 124 x 70 feet of pure Calacatta Extra white marble. “Our homeowners had traveled to Italy and were aware of the selected stone, including a beautiful giant slab of limestone for their fireplace,” said Laura Grandlienard, owner of ROCKin’teriors.

“They selected the marble based on our recommendations and from their earlier visits,” Grandlienard went on to say. “To create this extra lush design, a double-mount was not going to happen. This homeowner wanted the real deal — one giant slab of pure marble. That’s where our partners at Marva in Raleigh stepped in to help us source the finest nature had to offer. We reviewed options with seven different quarry suppliers until we found the right look of Calacatta Extra.”

The homeowners were drawn to the Calacatta Extra white marble because it features deep neutral shades of whites and grays that can be paired with many types of cabinetry colors or flooring styles. As a result, they employed the material throughout their kitchen and master bath.

In the kitchen, a focal point was created with a large center island countertop that is 6-cm-thick and weighs over 10,000 pounds. In order to install the enormous piece, a crew of 14 was needed for that slab alone. A crane was also used to move large slabs to the second floor.

One other unique feature of the kitchen is Trufig outlets. “Trufig is a flush-mounted fixture that is custom designed to seamlessly match the surface of applications,” said Grandlienard. “We had a Raleigh-based artist come in and hand paint a faux veining to match the marble backsplashes. With the help of the interior designers, the homeowner decided to pair their kitchen countertops with a full height Calacatta Extra marble backsplash, as well as pure white cabinets and stainless steel accents.

“The home’s master bathroom, which was included in the homeowner’s special Italian order, is complete with two full-sized vanities, plus a white clawfoot tub and an exquisite Roman shower,” Grandlienardwent on to say. “The design in the master bathroom is luxurious and creates the feeling of a day at the spa.

“The homeowner went with classic white cabinetry for the master bathroom,” continued Grandlienard. “The stainless steel fixtures and chandeliers complement this space and tie together the Mediterranean feel throughout the entire house.”

The master bathroom counter surfaces are also fabricated from Calacatta Extra white marble, but with a thickness of 3 cm. According to Grandlienard, in keeping with the theme of customization, the morning bar has a depth of 36 inches. The homeowner fell in love with the pattern and decided to showcase Calacatta marble on the floor, both vanities and the shower.

Getting all of the stone to the residence was a feat in itself. ROCKin’teriors utilized 23 men and an 18-wheeler truck. “As with any installation of this magnitude, safety is a prime concern,” said Grandlienard. “Luckily, because we have been working for many years with Rufty Homes and the interior design team (Design Lines Ltd.), we were all working in tandem, such as remembering to prepare for precautions such as securing cabinets and flooring to withstand the sheer weight of the natural stone”

The biggest challenge of the project was by far, taking special considerations for the weight of the stone. “When you have a project of this magnitude, it is critical to share needs, concerns and ideas with the other teammates and also listen to advice and suggestions,” said Grandlienard. “We maintained communication throughout the entire process, so we were able to offer our areas of expertise in order to support the form, function and design of the home coming together.”

ROCKin’teriors was able to meet their 18-month project deadline, with the help of Rufty Homes and Design Lines Ltd. and the homeowners have been pleased with the results. “We all knew the look of the home was going to be exquisite, but it wasn’t until we saw it all come together — backsplashes, accessories and appliances, that all of our jaws dropped,” said Grandlienard.  

Private Residence

Raleigh, NC

Interior Designer: Design Lines Ltd., Raleigh, NC

Custom Home Builder: Rufty Homes, Raleigh, NC

Stone Fabricator/Installer: ROCKin’teriors, Raleigh, NC