MISSISSAUGA, ON --The Loxcreen Flooring Group launched its new uncoupling membrane, Prova Flex-Heat® at The International Surfaces Event (TISE) West in January and the buzz on the show floor was as warm as the tile floors this new membrane will support for years to come. Prova Flex-Heat® boasts the ultimate versatility in tile underlayment with heating cable capabilities and both were proven during live product demonstrations the company hosted at the show.

The two-year research and development time for Prova Flex-Heat® may have pushed the Loxcreen Flooring Group back in terms of launch date, however, the extra steps taken in ensuring this product could be successful has already paid off. Joe Comitale, President of Loxcreen Flooring Group, shared his views on the R&D of this new membrane. "We knew we needed to take our time and do our due diligence on this particular product because the market segment we are entering now already has an established product presence in the terms of uncoupling membranes," he said. "We wanted ensure our product was unique and that we could provide additional value to our end users and our distribution network. We did not see value in a 'me too' type product that mimicked the design and limited applications of the other membranes in the market."

Distributors, installers and heating cable manufacturers all took notice to the additional benefits this new membrane has to offer as they crowded around the Prova demonstration pavilion in the Loxcreen booth at the show asking questions and providing feedback. Al Ross, sales manager of Carpet Cushions & Supplies, said, "I love the idea of having a versatile product like this that can accommodate different applications. It has simplified the installation process since you only have to use one type of mortar (modified) from start to finish. Uncoupling membranes for heating are blowing up right now and it is great to be able to offer an alternative product that adds value with more capabilities."

The main features of Prova Flex-Heat® have been published on Loxcreen's website and literature, and provide insight into what this membrane has to offer.

"We are overwhelmed by the enthusiasm our customers expressed for this product; we didn't expect to have a packed booth during Surfaces, but it seems that the entire Prova® line of ceramic and stone installation products is getting a lot of attention these days," said Julia Vozza, Marketing Manager, Loxcreen Flooring Group. "We are excited to see what the future brings."

Production is currently underway for Prova Flex-Heat which is expected to be available and sold through distribution in April 2016. To find your nearest Loxcreen distributor, visit http://www.loxcreenflooring.com.