Neolith, a high-performance, sintered, compact surfacing brand manufactured by the Spanish company, TheSize Surfaces SL, expands its Classtone product line for 2016 to include Calacatta Gold and Strata Argentum designs, inspired by the beauty of marble. Calacatta Goldfeatures intricate gold veining over a bright white backdrop. Available in a “silk” or polished finish, Calacatta Gold slabs are designed with a mirrored “book match effect” or an “end match effect” that matches the veins of one slab exactly to that of the next — creating the illusion that multiple slabs are all one consistent piece.

Inspired by Silver travertine, Neolith’s new Strata Argentum is defined by its delicate, horizontal-veined white and silver lines. Strata Argentum mimics the beauty of the Italian silver travertine in a durable, low-maintenance, sintered, compact surface. Available in a Riverwashed finish, Strata Argentum replicates the original texture of natural stone at its rawest state.

Available in 6 mm and 12 mm thicknesses, both Calacatta Gold and Strata Argentum are especially suited for countertops, flooring and wall cladding.