The Co.Fi.Plast-Wires Engineering Group has recently designed and developed several innovative diamond wire and cutting machine products. Because the use of monowire saws for thick slab processing represents an important market in the U.S., Co.Fi.Plast, together with Wires Engineering, offer a wide range of cutting solutions.

Co.Fi.Plast diamond wires for monowire applications are usually 8 or 10 mm in diameter, and the manufacturing flexibility allows the company to offer different variations (36, 37 or 40 beads/meter) and diamond bead types (standard or customized); thus satisfying specific cutting needs. Diamond beads of 6 and 7 mm in diameter are also available.

With a U.S. operation, Co.Fi.Plast is able to offer strong technical support — guiding the customer in the selection of the best cutting parameters and diamond wire technology.

A new generation of monowire machine (F101) has been designed and specifically adapted to the U.S. market.

Additionally, the Wires Engineering plant offers an innovative and avant-garde solution for the manufacturing of thick slabs. The Easy model of multi-wire saws load a maximum of 11 diamond wires, and guarantee versatility at its best. Easy 11 is equipped with a patented system for the positioning of removable spacers for the setting of the cutting thickness from ¾ inch up to 6 inches without dismantling any wheel.