WAUWATOSA, WI -- Bostik, Inc., one of the world's largest manufacturers of adhesives and sealants, will be an official supplier of Tour de France 2015. This sponsorship will provide a platform for promotional activities showcasing Bostik brands and activities to a global audience.

The 102nd Tour de France started July 4, 2015, in Utrecht, Netherlands and culminates on the world-famous Champs-Élysées in Paris, France, on July 26. The 21-stage route covers a distance of over 3,000 km, taking riders through three countries and extremely challenging terrain. There will be 6,000-plus hours of worldwide TV coverage, with reports broadcast in 190 countries reaching an estimated 3.5 viewers. Around 12 million spectators are expected to view the race as it crosses France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

As a sponsor, Bostik will participate in the Tour de France "Publicity Caravan," which accompanies the race. Various promotional vehicles will offer spectators gifts and giveaways while they await the riders. These vehicles will strongly promote Bostik incorporating the firm's already well-recognized gecko in a prominent visual role. To add to the Tour de France 2015 sponsorship, Bostik will be launching a number of international promotional programs through September. These will include social media campaigns, customer events and in-market promotions across multiple countries, which will include cycling-related competitions, giveaways and special offers.

Michael Jenkins, Business Director for Bostik's Consumer & ConstructionBusiness Unit - Americas, said "Bostik high-performance adhesives are being successfully used worldwide for a diverse variety of applications dependent upon products people use each day. We believe it's important that consumers in the Americas know of the global acceptance our products enjoy. Globalizing the distinct image of our brand is a good 'step one' in getting everyday people to become even more familiar with the Bostik name and range of solutions our company provides. Clearly, our international sponsorship of Tour de France 2015 is a prime example of this kind of global promotion."

Scott Banda, Director of Marketing for Bostik's Consumer & ConstructionBusiness Unit - Americas, added, "This is just one more program, which again shows the entire world how Bostik is aggressively on the move, strengthening recognition of its brand.  We want customers in the Americas to be confident that when they decide upon Bostik products, they will be receiving high-performance materials that have been thoroughly researched, selected and accepted worldwide. By associating our unique brand identity images with prestigious global sporting events such as Tour de France 2015, we will continue to accomplish these well thought-out image-building strategies."