FRANKFURT AM MAIN, GERMANY -- The setting designed by Leonardo Talarico for ISH Frankfurt conveyed a vibrant thought linked to the idea of the ocean as a cosmic force and the notion of water associated with the intuition and emotions.

"The space is a large box in white stone crossed by outsized waves in marble," said Talarico.

"The visitor is drawn along a path somewhere between imagination and reality; on one side, emphasis on the wave motion on a grand scale, on the other, mastery of the element itself: a slab of marble suspended in the void enabling it to float on a real pool of water. The blue marble waves, with their different veins and shades, echo the colors of the great oceans of the Earth."

Inside the installation, Bac One bleached ash chairs by Cappellini were used and, inside the pool, a sheet metal seat also designed by Talarico.