In this issue ofContemporary Stone & Tile Design, we bring you our annual focus on Kitchen & Bath Design. From a beach-inspired bathroom design to a kitchen backsplash made of circular mosaic tile, the following pages are filled with illustrations of innovative and unique uses of stone and tile.

The intent of offering a series of articles on various kitchen and bath designs is to spark ideas for your own — or client’s — design. We make a point to select projects that are each different in style and material in order to ensure there is something that satisfies everyone’s tastes.

When reading the articles — or perusing the pictures — it becomes apparent that many of today’s designs are diversified. Designers and homeowners alike are seeking creative applications for the two most important rooms of their home.

Large-format porcelain floor or wall tiles are paired with marble or quartz countertops. Glass mosaics are being used as running patterns through bathroom floors and walls — creating a bit of pizazz.

Additionally, handmade tiles are being employed to create striking accents — particularly ideal for a kitchen backsplash or shower wall. In the feature beginning on page 20, the homeowners are collectors of vintage ceramics, antiques and architectural pieces, which planted the seed for their master bath remodel. The entire tone of the space was driven by a set of antique Moroccan doors with subtle turquoise undertones. As a result, turquoise handmade, glazed, ceramic tiles from Mexico were chosen for the shower walls.

Inspiration can come from anywhere. And with today’s technology, there is an extensive range of tile colors, sizes, shapes and finishes that can help make your vision a reality.

Technology is also resulting in an expanded line of quartz surfacing that is available today. In the past, it seemed quartz was offered in “electric” colors such as red and royal blue — making it ideal for the hospitality sector. But now there are many quartz surfacing products that mimic the look of natural stone. With white marble such a hot commodity these days, there is a selection of quartz surfacing products that resemble that look.

On pages 14 and 15 of this issue of Contemporary Stone & Tile Design, we feature a collection of the latest quartz products that are available from some of the leading manufacturers. These products offer an alternative to natural stone, for those who like the aesthetic but want more consistency in color.

As you can see, there is a seemingly endless supply of stone, tile and quartz collections on today’s market. Whether each is used alone or combined, there are many options to create refreshing designs in any style.