WAUWATOSA, WI-- Bostik, Inc., a leading global adhesive specialist for industrial manufacturing, construction and consumer markets, celebrates its 125-year anniversary this year. The firm was founded in 1889 in Massachusetts as the Boston Blacking Company.

"I am proud to pay tribute to our company's rich history and to recognize the role that innovation has played in enabling Bostik to become a leader in the adhesives industry," said Bostik’s Chairman & CEO, Bernard Pinatel. "We continue to pursue innovation just as vigorously as our predecessors, and look forward with confidence to the next 125 years."

Bostik's activities today are remarkably different from those of the Boston Blacking Company's leather treatment business for the shoemaking industry. What has remained throughout the years is the pursuit of innovation and applying the latest advances in technology to develop smart adhesive solutions for customers and end-users. Bostik's archives contain many examples of how its adhesive technologies have changed their respective markets, including the introduction of potato starch-based wallpaper adhesive in 1922, new packaging and application techniques for hot melt adhesives in 1960, the first elastic attachment adhesive for disposable diapers in 1975 and the first silyl-modified polymer-based grab adhesives in 2001.

This commitment to delivering novel and original adhesive solutions continues, as demonstrated by Bostik's most recent product launches. Bostik's Axios Tri-Linking polymer technology is a breakthrough in the hardwood flooring adhesives category, offering improved bond strength, moisture protection and acoustic benefits. The high-performance line of RapidCure™ urethane-based grouts includes Dimension® RapidCure™, a worldwide industry-leading formulation consisting of 60% recycled glass material, which actually “brightens up” every installation.

To commemorate this important 125th anniversary milestone, commemorative items, including a Bostik 125-year anniversary book, will be distributed to staff and customers in the coming months.