APPIANO, BOLZANO, ITALY — Jarmo Karttunen has joined the company Nikolaus Bagnara Spa as Export Director for blocks in the Far East and slabs in the Scandinavian countries. With over 20 years of experience, Karttunen will strengthen the sales for the Bagnara materials. Nikolaus Bagnara Spa, with headquarters in Appiano, Bolzano northern Italy, factories and slab stockyards in two locations in Verona and block stockyards in Verona and Massa Carrara, is one of the most dynamic and respected stone companies in Italy.

The company is run by Bruno Bagnara and his two sons, Niko and Philipp. The company has its own quarries in Spain, Azul Aran; Nero Assoluto in Zimbabwe; and Silver Cloud in Georgia. They also have exclusive materials, such as Mystic Grey from Brazil. During the Marmomacc fair in Verona, Italy, it is quite convenient to visit the company’s booth as well as its modern facilities for slabs and blocks.