KNOXVILLE, TN -- Braxton-Bragg has updated the look and feel of its website, with the main difference being the homepage. After extensive research and development, the company has added image categories, so it's easier to locate the product(s) desired. The new layout is also more manageable with other electronic devices, and allows a user to get to where they want to be within the website more quickly.BRAXTON-BRAGG website

Additionally, when a site visitor puts their mouse cursor over an image, it will highlight that image with a shade of light yellow. This is designed to allow the user to see where they are on the page without losing the placement of the cursor. Braxton-Bragg has added this shading on all of the subsequent category levels.

The company has also moved some information and products around, as well as added information and taken out any duplication. The important links about Braxton-Bragg and its policies are now located at the bottom of every page. This will allow for easier navigation to additional website resources faster from anywhere within the web site.

"What has impressed me about our re-design is how well it works on other devices like tablets and even phones," said Steve Bussell, Braxton-Bragg's Marketing Manager.  "We hope visitors to the website find these changes help them look up our offerings more quickly."