VERONA, ITALY — Veronafiere is holding an exhibition of experimentation and creativity organized to promote and enhance the creative capacity of Italian companies in the natural stone sector, as well as to improve awareness of the use of stone materials among architects and designers. The event includes a theme-based exhibition of installations or micro-architecture projects designed by architects belonging to the prestigious Iberian “school” for leading Italian companies, which will be displayed in Hall 1 at Marmomacc — entirely dedicated to the cultural events.

The installations, developed thanks to collaboration projects between architects and companies, will be inspired by the theme “homes with patios,” i.e. a reflection on Mediterranean and Atlantic stone houses as a typology having roots in local cultures in various areas.

The general layout of the project comprises four “batches” of 60 square miles flanked by a patio area of about 30 square miles, arranged around a central garden area.

These homes-patios will be designed to reveal new qualities and potential for stone materials and highlight the processing skills of the companies taking part, as well as serving as a hospitality point welcoming visitors and clients.

The invited architects and companies taking part are Manuel Aires Mateus with Grassi Pietre, Josep Miàs with Travertino Sant’ Andrea, Eduardo Souto De Moura with Piba Marmi and Benedetta Tagliabue with Decormarmi.

The exhibition is the heart of the event’s cultural focus and seeks to integrate architecture and design experiences through the work of internationally renowned figures capable of interpreting stone in a creative way, as well as to encourage experiments taking this material towards new frontiers. The involvement of well-known European designers also meets the intention of combining the extraordinary professional skills and know-how of Italian companies with the most important contemporary trends in European architecture and design, wherein the Iberian area is one of the most advanced representatives.