Polycorhas put much research and development into the creation of a new thin stone technology in response to changing design trends. The company now offers 1 cm composite-reinforced slabs one-third the weight of a standard 3 cm slab. With a proprietary composite backing, the ultra-thin reinforced slabs add 10 times the strength of stone alone, reports the manufacturer.

Other benefits of the 1 cm composite-reinforced slabs include:

• Easier handling, increasing productivity and lessening fatigue.

• Better adhesion of setting material than fiberglass and polyester resin-backed slabs.

• Great for full wall height backsplashes, saving time executing outlet cutouts on jobsites.

• Easier and faster to cut than 2 and 3 cm slabs, drastically preserving
blade life.

• No warping or cupping — very flat and true, unlike quartz.

• Superior heat resistance over 1 cm quartz.

The 1 cm composite-reinforced slabs are produced at Polycor’s facility in Saint-Sebastien, Quebec, Canada. According to the manufacturer, in addition to traditional countertops application, they can be used as large as 9 x 5 feet for floor and wall cladding.