Since the May issue ofStone Worldwas published, there has been quite a stir among members of thestone industry, and as well there should be. It was a regrettable oversight that we included a photo demonstrating unsafe shop practices in that issue's Fabricator Case Study.
stone industry safety

YK Stone Center, Inc. of Denver, CO, is an example of a shop with good safety practices in place. Read more about the company in the June issue of Stone World.

Of course we support safety in the fabrication shop, and we want to be a source of information on the latest standards that are taking place. We have built a loyal following over the years, so it is understandable that so many of you were upset and concerned when seeing this photo in our magazine.

If anything good can come of this, it is that we now realize how much our readers are paying attention to what we print -- and that means a lot. It also is good to see that so many of you do care so much about safety and our industry. And most importantly, it is good to know that you aren't afraid to tell us when we make a mistake. Open lines of communication are important. We value what our readers think, and we want to produce a magazine that is respected.

Another thing that this makes us realize is that there are still shops out there that aren't providing a safe environment for their employees. Education is one of the best ways to drill the importance of this issue home to those that haven't jumped on board yet. Hopefully if we use our magazine to promote safe practices and as a vehicle for organizations such as the MIA to promote safety standards, everyone will soon realize how important safety is when running a fabrication shop.

With all this said, we pledge to be much more diligent when selecting shops to cover in Stone World. We want the articles we publish to set an example and inspire others with their stories. We also want to continue hearing from our readers. We love that you care. It only helps us make Stone World the best it can be.