MILFORD, CT -- Connecticut Stone of Milford, CT, and TexaStone Quarries of Garden City, TX, have joined forces to create TexaCon CutStone in Bloomington, IN, with a common goal to fabricate and deliver high quality Indiana limestone in a timely basis across North America. "Indiana Limestone is a popular product for both residential and commercial projects not only in the Northeast, but throughout the U.S.," said Joe Dellacroce, CEO of Connecticut Stone. "Traditionally, long lead times have caused expensive construction delays that have frustrated our clients. Now with TexaCon, we are in control of the fabrication process and can meet the deadlines we quote resulting in better efficiency on the project."

Connecticut Stone is also excited to announce the launch of their new website ( The newly-designed, robust site aims to help homeowners, architects, contractors and designers to discover and learn about the vast array of choices when designing with stone. Highlights of the new website include product information, best applications and variations, beautiful images with an inspiration section, an events section with a list of upcoming educational seminars open to the public, links to their social sites, news and videos.

"Marketing/Communications agency Elements has breathed new life into our website which now acts as our 24-hour sales team," said Tyra Dellacroce, Vice President, National Projects Interior Division. "We collaborated with the team at Elements to create a website that both inspires and educates. Now, our clients come to us better educated and with an understanding of what products interest them. This makes the sales consultation more productive, yielding greater results for our team."