The Marble Institute of America has announced a new initiative dedicated to the retention and advancement of women who have chosen a career in the stone industry. This program is intended to:

•          Increase the number of networking opportunities available to women

•          Expand on existing educational offerings

•          Create opportunities to serve on key industry committees

•          And much more.

A kick-off event is planned for May 1, 2014, during Coverings at the Las Vegas Mandarin Oriental Hotel (Emperior Suite - 21st Floor), which will be hosted by Polycor.

Jeff Coomer, Web Designer, Advertising and Media Coordinator and Catalog producer, recently celebrated his 10th year of service with Regent Stone Products. Even though his work is done behind the scenes, every one of the company’s customers has contact with him every time they use Regent’s catalog or visit its website. Coomer’s dedicated service over the years has made him a valued member of the Regent Products team.

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