ORANGE, CA — M S International, Inc. (MSI) has created its kitchen visualizer to give consumers a quick and easy way to visualize different color combinations between countertops, flooring, and backsplashes with the click of a button. “Without this visualizer, consumers really struggled in putting all the pieces together, said Rup Shah, President of M S International. “While they may love a particular countertop, backsplash, or cabinet color, they have trouble visualizing how they would work together from a design perspective.” While MSI continues to expand the kitchen visualizer with more options, right now it offers the following:

• Three different styles of kitchens as a base layer

• Nine of the most popular cabinet colors

• 126 colors of granite, marble, and quartz for countertop options

• 38 backsplash options

• 16 flooring options

Before developing the visualizer in-house, the company studied many of the other visualizers on the market. The common recurring theme was that they were not user-friendly or intuitive for the average consumer. Also, they were not mobile device-friendly in that many of them were written using Flash, and because of the way they were designed, they were very slow. In developing this visualizer, they tried to balance simplicity and speed against functionality and picture resolution. M S International, Inc. believes it has achieved the right balance, whereby customers can quickly and easily see literally hundreds of different color combinations with just a click of the button and even have the functionality to email them the pictures.

In order to provide the realistic look and quick speed, a team of graphic designers color corrected the images, and manipulated the images for each specific room scene, a process that is labor intensive, but well worth the time for the look of the final product.

The product rolled out roughly six months ago and has already surpassed 1 million different kitchens visualized as off press time. “We have received great feedback from our customers who use it regularly in their design centers or showrooms,” said Shah. “Many customers have installed touch screen LED televisions in their showrooms to take advantage of this. Also, we encourage consumers to use this application prior to visiting a slab yard as part of a pre-selection process, which has resulted in helping consumers make a faster, more educated decision and reduces the time spent in the slab yard carrying around samples of cabinets and backsplashes trying to figure out color combinations.”

The visualizer is also interactive with the company website (and available on tablets or mobile phones), so if there is any color for which a customer wants more specific product level information, with a click of a button they can locate it. M S International, Inc. is working on rolling out a bathroom visualizer with the same concept in the future.