LEXINGTON, KY -- The Florida Tile brand has been added to the growing list of building supply manufacturers supporting the "We Build American" national initiatives aimed at encouraging builders, remodelers and homebuyers to use American-made materials when building or remodeling a home.We Build American

"We Build American" is a new nationwide program first introduced to the National Association of Homebuilders in January 2013 by the 84 Lumber Co., the nation's leading privately held building materials and services supplier to professional contractors and build-it-yourselfers. (The company owns and operates more than 250 stores, component plants, door shops, installation centers and engineered wood product shops in 30 states. The concept has since been "adopted" by hundreds of organizations.)

Since that introduction, "We Build American" has grown with the support of more than 180 American companies that sell American-made building products and countless builders who have discovered that American-made homes can be cost-competitive with those built with foreign lumber, nails, other fasteners and other building materials.

"Statistics are showing that builders have found that U.S.-sourced materials provide better quality resulting in faster installations with low-costing labor, in fact, within 1 to 2% of the cost of building with foreign materials and goods," said Sean Cilona, Florida Tile's Director of Marketing. "Another payoff will come over time as quality of materials and workmanship is proven by their longevity."

Cilona said that starting in April the new program was being supported with promotional and marketing assistance for builders who pledge to use American building materials and products wherever possible in new home construction. Marketing materials include supporting companies' logos and a direct link to their products.

For more information on "We Build American," visit: www.webbuildamerican.com and click on the Florida Tile logo that subsequently takes visitors to the company's home page on the web.