ST. LEONARDS, AUSTRALIA —Dry-Treathas launched its latest innovation in sealing technology. VitremelaTMhas been engineered to revolutionize the market for kitchen and bathroom marble usage. This pioneering technology has been formulated to not change the look of the marble, and it is totally stain- and acid-proof as well as highly scratch- and heat-resistant.

“Previous to this breakthrough, the choice of marble (including polished marble) was often seen as risky due to the stone’s vulnerability to acid etching and staining — despite it being the preferred choice for many homeowners and designers,” the company stated.

Vitremela is a clear, protective coating of approximately 50 microns thick that is suitable for all countertop materials, including all natural and engineered stone, tile and polished concrete.

Vitremela has been designed to retain the beauty of a countertop — in the kitchen or bathroom — by resisting acid spills (cola, vinegar, milk, lemon juice, etc.). Marble, limestone, travertine and concrete surfaces are also easier to clean once Vitremela has been professionally applied to the surface.

Vitremela is an inorganic hybrid, which means it resists fire, unlike many other sealants; and its chemical solution is so thin that the presentation of the surface is not altered, but rather enhanced.

According to Dry-Treat some of the latest UV (ultraviolet) cured epoxies and urethanes use nano particles for extra durability but can be very thick, scratch easily, have less than perfect clarity or a yellowish tinge. They may also need to be stripped before they can be re-applied, deteriorate quickly outdoors and may not be 100% acid proof. Vitremela is a unique hybrid technology with a greater number of stronger crosslinks between the molecules, so the cured coating is significantly thinner, with better clarity, harder, more scratch resistant, more heat resistant, 100% acid resistant and is easily repaired or recoated without stripping.  Vitremela is also an environmentally responsible zero-VOC product that is LEED and REACH compliant.

More information on Vitremela is on the Dry Treat Web site: