DORAL, FL --Mediterranea has recently launched its latest product line, "River Rock," to the marketplace. Theporcelain tileseries takes its inspiration from the natural stones found in rivers, flowing streams and quiet creeks in the heart of America.

From the Pacific Northwest to the Grand Canyon -- from Appalachian creeks to Mark Twain's Missouri -- the tile design artisans at Mediterranea have looked far and wide to find the perfect blend of colors to bring these All-American natural hues to life for the first time in a manufactured product, reports the company. And due to the advances in
 Dynamic HD Imagingdesign technology, River Rock bursts with the rich natural hues of America's heartland.

River Rock is offered in four distinct colors -- Sand, Pebble (shown), Oyster and Forest.  Additionally, the tiles are available in a full complement of sizes -- 12 x 24, 18 x 18, 12 x 12 and 6 x 6 inches -- to suit any design. Also available are 2- x 2-inch mosaic pieces and 3- x 12-inch bullnose.