BROOKLYN, NY -- ABC Stone will host an evening to celebrate the stone arts at its facility, which is located at 234 Banker St. in Brooklyn, NY. The event, called "The Marble Soul" will take place on Wednesday, October 19, 2011, and will include wine and hors d'oeuvres catered by The New York City Restaurant Group (NYCRG) -- an organization responsible for 11 Italian restaurants in New York City, including El Bastardo and Intermezzo. The evening, which begins at 6 p.m., will highlight the work of several well-established professionals -- who design with stone -- against the backdrop of ABC Stone's worldwide collection of material, including onyx, marble, quartzite, limestone and granite.

Oriano Galloni, whose Oeuvre has been exhibited in galleries and cultural institutions throughout Italy, Germany, South Africa, Great Britain and the U.S., will be one of the featured exhibitors. Selected works will be showcased, including the dramatic and beautiful, White Moon -- an awe-inspiring 30-foot-tall monumental sculpture. Galloni will also be displaying 30 new works next April at the Guggenheim Museum, in support of The Arts for India Foundation.

Also being featured at the stone arts event will be Rogerio Timoteo, a well-known sculptor from Portugal who has a number of pieces in many high-profile public and private collections around the world as well as public works in various cities throughout Portugal. Timoteo will be displaying 23 of his works for the first time in the U.S. "With the invitation to exhibit in New York, in collaboration with ABC Stone, the moment has arrived for my art to take another step forward," said the sculptor. "The challenge is immense; New York City is a city where all cultures intermingle and where the standard of work is very high indeed. But, it is also a city where an artist finds his own space in the midst of the multiplicity of forms that characterizes contemporary art."

Santamargherita, a Verona, Italy-based stone producer that has been an inspiration to the architectural design community since the mid-20th century, will also be present. The company's commitment to the research and innovation of materials, styles and its exclusive finishes, has made it a leader in the international market for agglomerate stone.

Completing the exhibition will be Stephen Shaheen, a New York City based artist and designer exhibiting "Hang," "Stretch" and "Scream" -- evocative hand-carved art -- as well as innovative drawings using stone and molten silver.