TEMPE, AZ -- Arizona Tile recently recognized three long-term employees who are celebrating their 30th year of employment with the company. Randy Morreim, Bob
Arizona Tile

From Left: Randy Morreim, Ed Meyers, John & Eileen Huarte, Bob Shuford

Shuford and Ed Meyers have each served in various roles and continue to be an integral part of the company's continued success. Bob Traxler, the company's president, is also part of this proud group, having celebrated his 30th anniversary in 2009.

Founded by John and Eileen Huarte in 1977 and still family-owned, Arizona Tile has always been employee-focused which has led to currently having 23 employees who have been with the company for more than 20 years and 132 who have celebrated more than 10 years of employment.

Randy Morreim has served in his current role of Vice President, Stone Division, since 2003. In this capacity he oversees the purchasing of natural stone slab and tile for Arizona Tile. He previously served the company in numerous positions, including General Manager, Branch Manager and initially, warehouse personnel. During this time, he spearheaded the company's entry into the granite slab business. "Without a doubt it was simpler times when I first started, but one thing has stayed consistent over all the years, the single focus and commitment that John and Eileen Huarte have to their employees," said Morreim, when reflecting on his 30 years with the company. "I'm so proud to be part of such a great company."

Bob Shuford is an Outside Sales Representative in the San Diego, CA, region. He has served the company in several roles, including Branch Manager and Sales Manager. Drawing on his 30 years of experience in the stone and tile industry -- specifically in the San Diego market -- Shuford has enjoyed a successful career and has been an essential part of the strong relationships Arizona Tile enjoys with its customers in his region.

Working at Arizona Tile all these years stems from a conversation he had with John Huarte, in which Huarte explained that one of the things he enjoyed most about founding Arizona Tile was watching the employees, and their families, grow and develop. "I knew John was sincere, and I knew Arizona Tile was a place I wanted to be due to that type of leadership, which started at the top and established the culture," said Shuford. "I have been here since the beginning stages of the company, helped build the team and always felt as if working for John was like having my own company. I wanted to be proud of where I worked and what I accomplished, and I have been able to do both at Arizona Tile."

Ed Meyers' contributions to the company have come in many positions and several cities. He has driven the delivery truck, opened and managed a new location and currently serves as Regional Operations Manager in Southern California. He originally started at the Tucson, AZ, location, but opportunities for growth took him to Anaheim and Temecula, CA. "One of the [many] reasons I have been with Arizona Tile for so long is

because I truly respect the people I work with," said Meyers. "Not just the upper management and ownership that leads us, but the people who sell the products, process the orders and load the shipments. There is one common thread that runs through this company: selflessness which gives way to a 'can do' attitude that means none of us ever wants to be the weak link that lets anyone down."