BERGENFIELD, NJ-- In 2010, Yaacov Hemed developed his own line of highly  original, artisan tiles that could be customized for his clients, as well as for other home builders, interior designers and architects.   His company, Evan Stone Art Décor in Bergenfield, NJ, features tiles that merge stone, metal and glass together.
Evans Decor Inbody

These custom-crafted tiles -- offering aesthetic value for floors, walls, backsplashes and mantels throughout the home, as well as for patios and pools --  are now being produced in Hemed's small northern New Jersey factory. The innovative collection consists of four levels of designs and techniques. These incorporate the use of glass into stone, and may include such elements as silk flowers and sea shells, metal and stone, marble and limestone, and large wall murals made of stone for use in office buildings, hotels and restaurants as well as homes. 

We believe we're bringing something new and refreshing into the industry, and the initial response from the industry has been very positive," said Hemed. "We view what we've created as a collaboration between Old World charm and New  World design, with the intention of satisfying the eclectic tastes of the most discerning homeowners."