NUREMBERG, GERMANY -- While the stone pavilions at Stone+Tec in Nuremberg, Germany, are beginning to heat up after a relatively slow start, the technology side of the fairgrounds has been solid since the doors opened. Displaying to an international audience of attendees that includes large-scale international plants as well as localized countertop shops, these exhibitors are offering a range of innovations.

In the machinery sector, CMS/Brembana is demonstrating a CNC bridge saw that also offers automated vacuum lifting capabilities, and it is seeing solid crowds at its booth.

Many other exhibitors are also catering to the countertop producers. Prodim is offering tutorials on its Proliner electronic templating technology to a steady stream of visitors. The company recently improved upon the Proliner with a new function for connecting tangents to be communicated to the CNC technology. This is particularly effective for curved sinks, bump-outs and other curved areas.

In terms of surface treatments, Tenax is taking an innovative approach to displaying its technological achievements in terms of eco-friendly practices. The company's "Earth, Air, Fire and Water" campaign highlights four separate initiatives in Tenax's production:

* Earth: Production of mastics, epoxy resins, hardeners and abrasives from renewable resources

* Air: Abatement of VOC emissions

* Fire: Resins with a drying time unaffected by temperature

* Water: Water-based surface treatments

A full report on Stone+Tec will appear in future print and online editions of Stone World