MIAMI, FL-- Spanish tile manufacturer Azteca has been very busy the past couple of years adjusting to the "new economy" on all fronts. The company is substantially


leaner and has invested in new technologies such as ink-jet production. Additionally, it has identified the U.S. market as one of the seven key markets it is focusing on worldwide.  Later this year, Azteca will be launching four spectacular floor/wall combinations -- specifically designed for the U.S. market.

Moreover, the tile manufacturer has introduced its "wood-look" line, the Lumber 67 series. The new series offers a rendition of natural wood in four authentic colors and three different sizes.  It is produced with a special glaze, that when dry, it has a COF of .65, but when it has contact with water the COF increases to .85, reports Azteca, adding that this makes the product ideal for commercial wet areas such as exposed walkways and pool areas.

"We have learned that there is demand for 'wood look' porcelain tiles to be used in exterior applications, but there are not many, if any solutions," said Oscar Castellon of sqm marketing. "Our Lumber 67 series provides a spectacular aesthetic and practical solution for exterior applications that consumers and architectural and design firms will be excited to use."