Jura Gray limestone from Vereinigte Marmorwerke(VM) Kaldorf GmbH of Titting-Kaldorf, Germany

The “Stone of the Month” that was published on page 164 in the April 2010 issue of Stone World was misidentified. The material (pictured here) is Jura Gray limestone from Vereinigte Marmorwerke (VM) Kaldorf GmbH of Titting-Kaldorf, Germany.


Aqua-Jaw Carry Vise by Omni Cubed

The new Aqua-Jaw Carry Vise by Omni Cubed is one of the only “all-weather” carry vises that will not slip off wet countertops, reports the manufacturer.  The Aqua-Jaw is useable on stairs and other slanted install terrains (will not slip at any angle).  Dual, “quick-spin” tightening handles quickly secure the product, and two to four installers are able to safely lift and carry countertops up to 2.7 inches thick (800-pound capacity per pair).  The Aqua-Jaw Carry Vise is manufactured and assembled in the U.S. and is covered by a one-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.


The MINI Seam Setter by Applied Diamond Tools

Applied Diamond Tools has recently introduced the MINI Seam Setter, which features dual 4-inch suction cups, a manual puller/tighten handle and a center leveler. The product is ideal for leveling and seam joining tiles and granite on countertops. For joining and seaming granite countertops, using two MINI Seam Setters will provide the best results, reports the manufacturer.

The MINI Seam Setter is ideal for contractors due to its dual functionality as both a seam setter and a leveler, ensuring the preciseness of their work as well as being convenient due to its compact size. This product is also cost effective and functional for the average homeowner to achieve professional level results while maintaining a reasonable budget, according to Applied Diamond Tools.


Monster Edge Slings available from Granite City Tool

Granite City Tool has introduced Monster Edge Slings and the Rival Cement Residue and Rust Remover. The new slings have a patented high-performance, bi-component edging that offers superior cut and abrasion resistance. To further enhance the durability, webbing has been treated with resins to provide extra gripping power and to help prevent slipping. The slings are available in a 3-inch width with a capacity of 9,600 pounds on vertical lift. 

Rival Cement Residue and Rust Remover from Granite City Tool

The Rival Cement Residue and Rust Remover is a special acidic cleaner, ideally suited for removing all anorganic dirt deposits, such as cement and mortar residues, lime scale and water marks, rust and rust discoloration. It is suitable for acid-resistant stone only.