The MINI Seam Setter from Applied Diamond Tools 

Applied Diamond Tools has recently introduced the MINI Seam Setter. It features dual 4-inch suction cups, a manual puller/tighten handle and a center leveler. The product is ideal for leveling and seam joining tiles and granite on countertops. For joining and seaming granite countertops, using two MINI Seam Setters will provide the best results, reports the manufacturer.

The MINI Seam Setter is ideal for contractors due to its dual functionality as both a seam setter and a leveler, ensuring the preciseness of their work as well as being convenient due to its compact size. This product is also cost effective and functional for the average homeowner to achieve professional level results while maintaining a reasonable budget, according to Applied Diamond Tools.

Granite Diamond Impact Etching Machine from Granite City Tool

The Granite Diamond Impact Etching Machine from Granite City Tool is the next step in mechanical etching machines. It has potential to get jobs done faster and right the first time, the manufacturer reports. Available in three sizes - portable, mid-range and large - depending on the size of a user’s shop, Impact Etching produces a higher quality etching than laser etching because the diamond tipped points penetrates deeper into the stone.

The etching head is driven by a high-precision German manufactured three-dimensional linear drive motor. A laser gap sensor automatically maintains optimal distance between the diamond tip and the stone, so the surface does not have to be perfectly level to get excellent results.

Fabricators can now become the artist or third party laser-etching company with the use of the Impact Etching Machine, according to Granite City Tool.