The new Optima restoration and maintenance product line from VIC International Corp.

VIC International Corp., a leading natural stone and concrete industry leader, recently announced its new Optima restoration and maintenance product line of chemicals, diamond tooling and equipment for natural stone, ceramic tile, terrazzo and concrete.  

Since 1990, VIC has been at the forefront of innovative products and training for the restoration and maintenance of numerous hard surfaces. After selling the StoneMedic product line to Ecolab in 2004, VIC International has been focused on countertop fabrication, surface preparation and concrete polishing. Now, after a five-year absence from the industry, VIC has combined its extensive knowledge of restoration and maintenance with industry veterans to create an economical and ecologically responsible line of products ranging from impregnators to floor machines.  

“The marriage of VIC’s Green Spec certified concrete program with the re-launch back into natural stone restoration and maintenance couldn’t come at a better time for our industry,” said VIC President and CEO, Kelly Milligan. “Through a 30-year pursuit of solutions through innovation by now Chairman of the Board, Vic Green, such industry breakthroughs as a paste marble polishing compound and liquid granite polish were realized.”

Glaze ‘N Seal products are now available from Braxton-Bragg

Braxton-Bragg, a distributor of a full range of fabrication machinery, tooling and installation accessories, is now offering Glaze ‘N Seal products. Glaze ‘N Seal is a leading supplier since 1962 of quality sealers and maintenance care products for the natural stone, tile, concrete and masonry markets. Glaze ‘N Seal offers a complete line of sealers, including film forming sealers (coating type) and penetrating sealers (non-coating type).

The manufacturer reports that these proprietary, premium sealers have earned a strong acceptance in many markets due to their:

•           Superior performance, even under difficult conditions

•           Ease of use both indoors and outdoors

•           Exceptional oil and grease resistance