In business since 1986, Mag Ban quarries and processes Brazilian stone for an international marketplace. It has two separate facilities in Brazil - one in Espírito Santo and one in Minas Gerais.

Founded in 1986 and located in Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, in the south of Brazil’s Espírito Santo State, Mag Ban has become a worldwide player in the ornamental stone industry. The company serves the demands of the national and international market with a broad variety of granite colors and styles that are suitable for the full spectrum of design environments.

The company’s principal owners are Josenildo Moreira Machado, Tales Pena Machado and Gonçalo Pena Machado, and from the beginning, Mag Ban’s goal was to offer a sense of confidence among its customers. From extraction to exportation, all of the processes aim at meeting this goal, while also providing a safe environment for the workers.

Mag Ban has a total of 110 employees working in its processing facilities, including 84 in Espírito Santo and 26 in Minas Gerais.

Mag Ban has a complete industrial park within Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, including block storage and a warehouse for slabs. Its commercial department is staffed by bilingual professionals who are trained to handle everything from international customer assistance to customs procedures.

In terms of slab sales, 60% of production is shipped to North America, 20% to South America (including Brazil), 10% to Europe, 5% to Asia and 5% to Oceana. Meanwhile, 80% of block sales are exported to Europe, with the remaining 20% being shipped to Asia.

The company sells slabs to a range of distributors, including many in the U.S. “We supply to the most reliable slab distributors, and they cover and support the final customers,” stated the company.

Mag Ban typically exports 35 to 40 containers per month, and it hopes to ship about 60 containers per month as the economy improves.

Equipment includes a Barsanti slab-polishing machine from Italy, which features 22 polishing heads. 


The company has a total of 180 employees, including 70 in the quarries and 110 in the processing facilities (84 in Espírito Santo and 26 in Minas Gerais). The facility in Espírito Santo is more than 84,000 square feet in size, while the one in Minas Gerais is more than 28,500 square feet in size.

Equipment includes a Barsanti slab-polishing machine from Italy, which features 22 polishing heads; a MGM slab-polishing machine from Brazil, which features 16 polishing heads; an automated resin line; four gangsaws in Espírito Santo; and four gangsaws in Minas Gerais.

Quarries in Bahia include sites for Spectrus, Aurus, Lapidus F70, Lapidus F20, Marinus, Giallo Antico, Giallo Fiorito, Carioca Gold, Tropical Rose (Quartzito Rosa) and Candelarius. Meanwhile, quarries in Espírito Santo produce Meteorus and Kozmus.

In addition to automated processes, workers apply resin by hand as needed.

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A total of 60% of slab production is shipped to North America.