Omni Cubed Mega- Jaw Carry Clamp; now available through Braxton- Bragg

The Omni Cubed Mega-Jaw Carry Clamp, designed for easier and safer carrying of countertops, according to the manufacturer, is now available at Braxton-Bragg. The lightweight clamp (only 2.6 pounds) opens wide enough (up to 2.6 inches or 66 mm) to accommodate thicker tops, including concrete countertops. The clamp features high-strength aluminum arms and non-marking, tear-resistant rubber gripping pads. To distribute the weight of very heavy countertops, two installers per clamp can be used on each side of the top (four people total). Each pair of clamps has a rated capacity of 500 pounds, and the more weight lifted, the tighter the clamps grip. All Omni Cubed products are engineered, manufactured and assembled in the U.S., and are covered by a one-year manufacturer’s limited warranty, reports the company.

Cemar Electro Inc.’s GL-800B green series

Cemar Electro Inc., maker of the CL-830B laser and a global leader in line generating lasers for more than 30 years, announced the launch of its new series of industrial-grade green line generating lasers for bridge saws. After many years of research, the company reports being able to offer its stone-processing customers a dependable and affordable alternative to red lasers. In areas of high brightness or for use on darker colors, the green is more visible than red and can deliver a sharper line. The GL-800B series is configured to retrofit all bridge saws. The GL-800B green series offers an unmatched operating temperature range of 0 to 45 Celsius / 32 to 113 Fahrenheit to handle the rigorous fabrication shop environment. All GL-800B series lasers are serviceable and backed by Cemar Electro’s no-hassle, 1-year warranty, according to the manufacturer.

Accu-Seam’s new catch phrase

Accu-Seam is now offering two new specialty seaming “systems” - designed for use on all natural, engineered and “green” types of slab countertop products. Additionally, both Accu-Seam systems have had extensive testing done to be compatible for use on solid surface countertop materials with very positive results to date, reports the manufacturer. Both systems will be sold in the U.S. as well as through distributors worldwide. The “Variable Geometry - Inside corner” (VGi-1) system gives countertop fabricators the ability to adjust their inside mitered corner seams as each individual kitchen’s geometry - or inside angles of the cabinets - vary. The VGi-1 offers fabricators the ability to perform a curved inside mitered corner seam. It eliminates the traditionally more difficult method of performing a sharp angled turn in the mitered seam. “With the VGi-1, fabricators are able to do inside mitered corner seams much easier and faster, as we have proven with this new device,” said Kevin M. Padden, owner of AZ School of Rock and Accu-Seam. “A second Accu-Seam system also being offered is the ‘S-1’ that is designed to do Serpentine seams in stones that have extreme color variation at the seam lines. The Serpentine seam helps to break up the visual impact of a straight seam line where ‘color movement’ stands out more - the Serpentine seam provides camouflage.”

The diamond tooling that works with both systems, provides chip-free, tight seams that up until now, could only be done on expensive CNC machines, according to Padden. “Now, fabricators that couldn’t afford a CNC machine to do their seams in the past - can provide their customers with precision seams,” he said. “We’ve been teaching fabricators to do straight seams by hand for the last two years and recently added the Seam Phantom to teach mechanized straight seams. Accu-Seam now offers the perfect addition to shops that may already have a Seam Phantom, and combined with Gorilla Grips to set their seams, fabricators will have the best of all worlds.”

The Accu-Seam VGi-1 and S-1 systems debuted at StonExpo 2009, which was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV, from October 22 to 24.

Wood’s Powr-Grip’s MT8HV11

Wood’s Powr-Grip has recently introduced the MT8HV11 and has also announced that the Low Vacuum Audio Alarm is now available on Wood’s Powr-Grip Hand Cups.

Designed to fit between tight, vertical storage racks, the Wood’s Powr-Grip® MT8HV11 is a robust manual tilter capable of handling 1,200 lbs (545 kg). These below-the-hook vacuum lifters can handle stone and other high-density materials with rough surfaces or irregular shapes.

In its standard configuration, the MT8HV11 offers manual manipulation of loads 90 degrees between the upright and flat positions. The eight 10-inch (254-mm) diameter vacuum pads are equipped with closed cell foam pad rings, which facilitate lifting loads that have rough or irregular surface textures. The MT8HV11 also has individual shutoffs to all vacuum pads, allowing the lifter to attach to irregularly shaped slabs or countertops with sink cut-outs. A vacuum gauge, vacuum line filter and nylon slings are other standard features.

Another appealing quality of the MT8HV11 is the variety of available options for this vacuum lifter, reports Wood’s Powr-Grip. A choice of vacuum generating systems includes ones that utilize DC power (MT8HV11DC), compressed air (MT8HV11AIR) and AC power (MT8HV11AC). In standard configurations, the power system is remotely located. Frame-mounted power systems are optionally available for the DC and AC powered lifters. This allows customers to choose the power supply that works best for their application, whether in the shop or on the jobsite.

Low Vacuum Audio Alarm for Wood’s Powr-Grip Hand Cups

Additionally, Wood’s Powr-Grip has announced the availability of the Low Vacuum Audio Alarm for Wood’s Powr-Grip Hand Cups. Several months ago, the Wood’s Powr-Grip New Product Development team took aim and targeted the issue of added safety when visual monitoring of the red-line indicator on hand cups was difficult. Their solution is the culmination of hundreds of hours of thoughtful design and testing: the Low Vacuum Audio Alarm Plunger (LVAA).

The LVAA is a metal-clad plunger that was uniquely designed to emit a warning tone when vacuum levels begin to drop below acceptable levels. The familiar red-line indicator is still present, but with the new LVAA Plunger, a 70 dBa audible warning alerts the user and others nearby when the red line on the plunger begins to show due to vacuum loss.

Powered by a AAA battery, the warning alarm has been incorporated into the plunger assembly, making it compatible with many different models of Wood’s Powr-Grip hand-held vacuum cups. Operation is as simple as that of a standard hand cup. The intelligent system automatically turns the alarm on and off as necessary, so no user intervention is required.

The LVAA plunger assembly is now available on most Powr-Grip N-Series vacuum cups, including N4000, N4950, N5450 and N6450, as well as the LJ6VH Vertical Handle. Current owners can also retrofit their existing WPG hand cups (including the ABS cups) and upgrade to the new LVAA plunger. Besides bringing added safety to handling loads by hand, vacuum cups equipped with the LVAA plunger are well suited for use with Wood’s Powr-Grip’s Hand Cup Frames, the Ace Dolly and the CR Laurence All-Terrain Dolly.

The Low Vacuum Audio Alarm plunger assembly is available as a stand-alone component or pre-installed in most N-Series hand-held vacuum cups.