Diamond wire for quarries

LUGO DI GREZZANA, ITALY - With an ever-growing range of products that are custom made for clients, Dellas s.r.l. has the capacity to deal with international orders in real time, and it guarantees the highest quality of service. Furthermore, the company has made ongoing investments in research. It is currently present in 28 countries in the global marketplace, and Dellas reports that this diversity has diminished the economic risks in connection with the current global economic crisis.

Dellas products

Based in the Verona region of Italy, Dellas has advanced its production of discs, blades and tools for working and cutting marble, granite and other stone materials as well as ceramics and cement.

The company will participate in the Verona Marmomacc Trade Fair from September 30 to October 3, 2009. At this landmark event for the industry, Dellas will offer an array of solutions for marble and granite quarriers as well as companies that work with these materials. The Dellas philosophy is to guarantee high-quality and precise cutting, with efficient and quick solutions that ensure clients’ investments are rewarded.

The company

With over 35 years of experience, the company - founded by Isidoro Ferrari - is currently facilitated by his children, Daniele and Elisa. In addition to the traditional types of marble and granite, Dellas has more than 1,500 sample materials from all over the world in its laboratories and vast data bank - which are essential for conducting lab tests on gangsaws, discs and diamond wire. Developing wire and multi-wire technology, Dellas seeks to provide solutions for quarrying as well as squaring of stone blocks and cutting slabs. Advantages include less noise pollution, no dust or vibration, extreme precision, velocity in cutting, reduced water and energy consumption and reduced manpower.

“This is a technology in evolution,” explained Daniele Ferrari, Vice President of Dellas. “We believe those who have newly invested in this technology will be at an advantage in an increasingly competitive market. On our side, we’re always enhancing our customer service capabilities and adjusting to provide more effective products, taking into consideration price and result. We place ourselves among the five most important realities on an international level, and we count on being able to compete with a strong weapon: high quality, value for money, customer service and material research.”

Gangsaw blade

In addition to the diamond wire, Dellas has also introduced tools for CNC machinery and polishing tools into its product range.

“Dellas shoots for a decisive development in immerging international markets that are receptive to potential growth,” said Marco Pasquotti, Finance and Administrative Director. “Half of turnover comes from countries in which - according to international economic analysts - the product growth should account for 4 to 6% in 2009. This strategy of global reach should alleviate possible international or Italian imbalances in the sector. In light of this, Dellas has a positive financial position, with Ebita at 20% of sales, a solid net worth and very low indebted rate.”

“[This is] a decisive step towards international competition,” said Elisa Ferrari, Marketing and Human Resources Director. “The updating of the IT system and company re-organization has brought us to advanced employee specializations and amplified professionalism.”

“We have also put in place a new way to follow through with orders, which allows us to dramatically reduce product delivery time - a crucial point for our customers who have to take into consideration the economic state of their cutting and stone-working companies,” said Daniele Ferrari.