Vendor:Braxton-Bragg, Knoxville, TN

Fabricator Name and Location:Slabworks of Montana, Bozeman, MT

Technology Investment:Slabworks of Montana purchased two newly enhanced Novair portable air-filtering devices for fabrication shops. Novair machines offer new innovations not previously seen in air cleaners designed for stone dust abating, according to Braxton-Bragg. Their high-density molded polyethylene shells make them leak-proof and virtually indestructible.

The units include molded handholds and channels for ratcheting straps used in securing stacked units, improving their in-shop performance. The powerful two-speed motor of both models (¾ horsepower in the Novair 1000, 2-horsepower in the Novair 2100) moves air deeper into the filter, producing more clean air per machine and a more efficient use of filter units. An optional HEPA filter may be purchased for even better functionality. The rubber dampers between the motor and blower reduce vibration and improve stability and strength. Users can wheel them anywhere - from the workspace to a client’s kitchen -- with their built-in castors and wheels.

Vendor:Laser Products, Romeoville, IL

Fabricator Name and Location:Marble & Granite Works, Plain City, OH

Technology Investment:Marble & Granite Works of Plain City, OH, has purchased four new LT-55 XL precision laser templators from Laser Products, bringing their total count up to seven units. “This goes to prove that companies that invest in technology can make it through these tough economic times,” stated Laser Products, which pointed out that using digital technology can offer a shop savings in terms of consumables and time - while also improving accuracy.

The templating software is written to run like CAD, only much easier. Before leaving the jobsite, users will have a finished DXF file ready for a CNC machine or plotter. Laser Products has posted videos at its Web site - to allow people to view the LT-55 XL in action.

Vendor:Marmo Meccanica, Monsano (AN), Italy and Rochester Hills, MI

Fabricator Name and Location:Galaxy Granite & Marble Co., Sterling Heights, MI

Technology Investment:Galaxy Granite & Marble Co. recently installed two Marmo Meccanica HTO-IB bridge saws, which offers a useful cut of 3,500 x 3,500 mm with a double-beam bridge. It also features sliding overhead support on two oiled and protected modular cast iron guide saddles and an extremely stable bench. The machine was designed with a solid structure for speed and precision.

A control panel hangs on the right-hand side of the machine, and it is easily reachable by the operator. The station is located behind the wall, reducing the machine’s overall dimensions, and its programmer can offer a range of useful and updated functions. Additionally, many extra accessories and software functions are available on request, such as a shape copier and the kitchen-processing program, adding to the versatility of the machine.