HEALDSBURG, CA - Each June, the T Barny Gallery & Sculpture Gardens holds its annual event, which provides an opportunity to invest in art. The participants experience the artistic process as the artist guides them through the choosing of stone, size and design to the unveiling of their new sculpture piece. Themed events held with this idea have included commissions based on his Artist-in-Residence in Greece, one in Italy and Calcite ‘08, where the whole show was comprised of one type of stone. This year the show goes international, focusing on 16 different countries and their stone.


“I will create a ‘World of Stone,’ an exhibit of 16 sculptures from 16 different countries,” said T Barny. “I’ve been carving in stone for 30 years. Stone has personality, character, texture and density. Knowing how to work with many types of stone, I create this challenge for myself and an adventure for my guests.”

The guests to the exhibition will enter through “Customs,” receiving their mock passports. They will travel the globe with T Barny, having their passports stamped as they enjoy the sculpture exhibits of three world regions: “The Americas,” “Europe” and the “Far East.”


The event invites visitors to interact with the country and their stone by employing curator skills. Participants will vote and compete for prizes naming their “favorite country,” “color of stone” and “style of sculpture.” International cuisine and libations will be served with the cosmopolitan sounds of a local band named “Batacha.”


By creating an investment opportunity, the artist T Barny creates his livelihood and his passion. His professional sculpting career has spanned decades, and his pieces hold prestigious placement in collections internationally.

The finished pieces are starting to emerge from the studio now, including “Ovolo,” which was carved from Spanish Roja Bilbao Marble. The dimensions are 21 inches high x 15 inches wide x 6 inches long.