Gramil’s brochure featuring its new 2009 collection

Gramil has introduced a brochure featuring its new 2009 collection. Besides a company profile, the company presents clear images of stone from its exclusive line, exotic line and natural line. Featured in the exclusive line are 12 different stone types including Azul do Mar - a stone that exhibits colors of the ocean with hints of white that appear to be waves - and Cassis - a tan stone with red veins. In the exotic line, the company again features 12 stone types from this collection, including Golden Blue - with characteristics that embody its name and Intense Coffee - a deep brown color with different dark brown variations. The natural line consists of 18 different stone colors, including Juparana Wave - a golden color.

Santa Clara Group recently released a 2009 catalog, which features different aspects of the company. The catalog is introduced with a letter from Santa Clara’s CEO on optimism for 2009 matched next to a company history page. The catalog goes through what the company presented at Coverings 2008 as well as detailed images of some of its stone lines, including its marble collection, crystal collection and classic granites.

Santa Clara Group’s 2009 catalog

Other elements of the catalog are the company’s stance on social responsibility in regards to the stone industry as well as information on its quarries.