PermaFlex Lite 525

ProSpec, Bonsal American’s brand of professionally specified products, has introduced PermaFlex Lite 525 - a lightweight thin-set mortar for natural stone and tile in- stallations. The light-weight technology allows for the same coverage as a 50-pound bag of traditional mortar in a 25-pound size. It also incorporates post-consumer recycled glass microspheres, rather than sand, to help divert the waste from landfills. The reduced weight per bag means easier lifting for the installer, and the design features mean the product contributes to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) project points, according to ProSpec.

Ideal for interior or exterior installation on walls, floors or ceilings, the new lightweight technology also boasts superior workability that makes it easier to mix and trowel, reports the manufacturer. PermaFlex Lite 525 sets most types of stone or ceramic tile, including glass, porcelain, quarry tiles, pavers and marble. Its non-sag formula also makes it ideal for installing heavy ceramic tile without slippage, reports the manufacturer.

PermaFlex Lite 525 is classified as a C2-E-T-S1-P1 performance product and meets ISO 13007 performance characteristics. These specifications categorize it as an improved cementitious adhesive that meets special performance characteristics, including extended open time, slip resistance, deformability and adhesion to exterior grade plywood, reports ProSpec.

PermaFlex Lite 525 is available in 25-pound bags in both white and gray.