The Rubenator Z Bit from Sinai Tools and offered through Braxton-Bragg is now available with 3-inch blades. According to the company, the product has been designed to save 30 minutes per sink cutout and improve the consistency of the sink reveal.

The Rubenator can be mounted on a router or angle grinder, and the new edition with 3-inch blades allows for freehand use. The dry cutting segments are engineered to effectively cut through even the hardest stone, reports Braxton-Bragg.

Rubenator Z Bit

The Rubenator is machined from 304 stainless steel with an aluminum bearing guide for a lifetime of use, and replacement blades are economical and easy to replace, according to the company. When used freehand with an angle grinder or pneumatic polisher, the Rubenator acts as a direct replacement for silicon carbide cup wheels. Center water feed assures a dust free working environment and dry cutting segments last 10 to 50 times as long as a silicon carbide wheel, without all of the dangerous silica dust, reports Braxton-Bragg.

The Rubenator’s 3-inch diameter is ideally suited to fit most sink shapes and corners. Designed for use with 2 cm and 3 cm stone, it fits most routers and grinders.