Great Northern Stone has just released a new publication to help in the fight against low-grade and improper commercial stone maintenance entitled, “How Much Are You Saving on YOUR Stone Maintenance?” Written by world-renowned stone expert Tom McNall, this book contains images of the destruction caused by recrystallization of marble and stone floors by inexperienced technicians. Each page comes with a description of the damage and direct questions for the property owner/manager to reflect on. It is great for hotels, casinos and malls to see what can happen by taking the lowest bid. This is the same book that McNall uses to educate his commercial maintenance specifiers on the dangers of crystallization and low budget stone care. Vivid full color pictures help readers to realize where they are sacrificing their investment for band-aid fixes. Anyone who knows what is best for stone and how to polish properly will easily see the value in this money making sales tool, reports Great Northern Stone.