Rochetec’s stoneworking operation is situated amid the horse and cattle ranches just outside of Fortaleza, Brazil.

Amid the horse and cattle ranches just outside of Fortaleza, Brazil, lies the industrial compound for Rochetec, which processes granite and other stones into a variety of finished products. The company, which has recently added to its equipment collection and product line, is preparing to export finished products to an international client base.

Rochetec’s factory combines large-scale machinery such as gangsaws and automated polishers with smaller saws and bed polishers, which offer a higher level of attention for the stone surface.

When processing blocks, Rochetec relies on four Cimef gangsaws, which are manufactured in Brazil. Blocks are brought in from local quarries such as Granos and Granistone. Recently, the company has also invested in machinery for limestone processing, such as the Cimef bed polisher, which allows the operator to supervise the polishing operation and make sure that all sections of the slab have been properly processed.

In all, Rochetec processes 5,000 square meters of material per month (54,000 square feet), and it has a total of 55 employees. The company is continually developing new products, such as new random tile patterns and wall cladding. Additionally, Rochetec has developed a line of cobblestones that is made from what has been trimmed during the slabworking process. Also contributing to the company’s goal of minimizing waste, Rochetec also sells crushed stone and aggregate products.

Rochetec is looking to increase its presence in overseas markets, and toward that end, it participates at trade fairs such as Marmomacc in Verona, Italy, and the Big 5 construction show in Dubai, United, Arab Emirates.