Laser Products has recently released the LT-55 XL Precision Laser Templator - a full working tablet PC running Windows XP that includes built in digital cameras, Bluetooth support, an Ethernet port, SD card memory slot, wireless Internet capabilities and a QWERTY keyboard (standard keyboard). The templating software was rewritten from scratch and runs like a CAD program, only much easier, according to the company. Users can drag the drawing around the screen, click + or - to zoom in and out, take pictures of the job and attach them to the template file. All the action buttons are now on the screen for easy access. Laser Products reports that the large screen helps simplify editing, and with a wireless Internet card, users can E-mail the pictures and templates back to the shop from the field. The company has added some standard fillets and offsets, but users can add more depending on what is popular in their area. Every time the tablet is turned on, if an Internet connection is available, it will search for Laser Products’ latest update and install it.