Water Treatment Technologies’ Enviro-System is a patented technology that produces thousands of gallons of crystal clear water that it reports is safe for all fabrication equipment - even CNCs and waterjets. The closed-loop EnviroSystem eliminates the need for a permit to discharge the wastewater from the fabrication process, and it demonstrates a company’s efforts to create a “green” shop, recycling the water and supporting the local environment.

Because the EnviroSystem is designed specifically for each facility, it can accommodate shops of all sizes. Water Treatment Technologies has systems in shops that range from one to two kitchens per day with demands as little as 7 gallons per minute to shops that demand over 500 gallons per minute, producing over 50 kitchens per day. The company’s largest system installed to date can process up to 450 gallons per minute of crystal clear water, and combined with 200 gallons per minute of gray water, it delivers 650 gallons per minute.

Additionally, the Concentrator from Water Treatment Technologies processes gray water using a unique patent-pending design. This system offers optimal gray water delivery and solids removal without loss of flow rate or pressure. Unique to the Concentrator is a bag that does not need to be replaced or changed every day, and it is re-usable.

The Concentrator can be combined with the Water Treatment Technologies EnviroSystem to provide a 100% closed-loop system. The original closed-loop system, designed exclusively for the stone industry, eliminates the need for discharge permits and fees; and it meets the EPA requirements for zero discharge.