The new MKDX by MK Diamond Tools, Inc. has been designed to bring the fabrication shop directly to the jobsite. Offering 25 different profile wheels, the MKDX is a versatile tool that gives the contractor the ability to meet any profiling requirements for porcelain, marble or granite. With a 2 HP motor, it can bevel, bullnose and polish a finish on material up to 14 inches in length and a ½-inch in thickness. User friendly, it is designed with ergonomic handles to reduce operator fatigue, an adjustable spray guard to protect against spray and flying debris, and a foot pedal switch for convenience and safety. Built with a heavy-duty reinforced steel frame, the MKDX is designed to ensure long life, fabrication shop productivity and quality.

A professionally engineered water filter is designed to eliminate material fines from entering the water pump and coolant, thereby increasing the life of the pump. Additionally, the material slide is engineered with moveable clamps, allowing the MKDX to shape a wide variety of materials sizes. An optional material slide is available, which allows materials up to 24 inches to be profiled.