The Supra Auto Cut gantry saw by Matrix Stone Products was engineered to offer high-level automation and shop floor simplicity, combined into one very powerful package. Whether a business is high-end custom fabrication or repetitive dimensional cutting for commercial projects, the Supra has been designed to deliver. Supra is designed on the field-proven Matrix Sebring platform and incorporates all of the performance features of this gantry saw.

By operating the Supra in manual mode, the user can complete custom fabrication jobs with optimal speed and efficiency, the company reports. Meanwhile, the “Quick-Cut” feature allows the user to make a cut automatically with the touch of a button. A host of Operator Definable Functions is in place to enhance manual cutting operations of the Supra.

When the need arises to make multiple cuts or dimensional cuts for pieces such as aprons or backsplashes, the “Multi-Cut” feature turns the Supra into an automatic production gantry saw. The user simply follows the on-screen instructions (in English or Spanish), which guide them through the simple steps for either pre-programmed sizes or custom sizes, and then the saw operates automatically.

In terms of cutting power, the Supra has 20 horsepower of power delivered directly to the blade, and it can cut through granite up to 8 inches thick. Three-phase electric motors smoothly drive all three axes with fingertip variable-speed control. Moreover, the digital read-out, laser guide and electric water control focus on efficiency. The rotary table keeps the emphasis on functionality, with two types available - hydraulic tilting or standard - and both offer the same features in rotary positioning. Four positive stop locks and the Any-Angle brake system allow for infinite angle layout.