CLEVELAND, OH - Grazzini Brothers & Co. of Eagan, MN, is the first company to earn the Accredited Natural Stone Commercial B Contractor designation under the Marble Institute of America’s accreditation program.

Commercial B (light commercial) companies are firms that handle commercial stone installations such as hotel lobbies, bank lobbies and low-rise interior/exterior cladding. In order to be considered, B applicants must have 10 years of commercial experience within the past 20 years and have completed either:

• 3 cladding installations (non-engineered) typically less than 30 feet high and a minimum of 2,000 square feet of dimension stone; OR

• 3 commercial building lobbies (e.g. floors, walls, etc.) with a minimum of 3,000 square feet of dimension stone; PLUS

• 5 other installations which can include cladding, site work, walls, paving, or large residential projects; AND

• 1 ongoing project at the time of the required site visit.

Grazzini Brothers & Co. and its Executive Vice President, Guido Gliori, completed the first two phases earlier in 2007. Those steps consisted of filling out a detailed application and passing a 200-question examination covering all facets of the commercial stone business. They successfully completed the accreditation process by passing a facility inspection last December in addition to an inspection of a completed commercial installation in Minneapolis, MN.

“It’s a rigorous process, but well worth it,” said Gliori. “Everyone in our company understands the value of the professional recognition we’ve received. We will proudly display the MIA Accreditation Seal in our office, on our trucks and on all our printed material.”