Park Industries’ most impressive single-pass, 13-spindle decorative line edger system has recently been enhanced. The Park Velocity smart spindle now has the capability of profiling edges with two radiuses. With just a touch of the screen, fabricators can profile seven different programmed edges while having the flexibility of adding additional profiles into the directory. In addition, the change over from edge to edge is done with servo camming programming versus the traditional physical stops. Each tool has its own individual pressure setting for each tool for ultimate control. And the enhanced spindle seals as well as the air-purge system keep the spindle components dry, while the precision slide bed under the main drive belt offers better reliability than standard roller systems.

The Velocity’s seven heads will grind and polish a flat edge, a flat edge with radius top and bottom, a bullnose, a half-bullnose as well as a wide variety of other convex shapes. It can shape and polish 2 to 6 cm of natural stone or quartz materials that can range up to 12 feet in length and width. With just a single pass, the Park Velocity will profile (bullnose) and polish a 3-cm slab of Dakota Mahogany at 12 inches per minute, which is over 400 linear feet per 8-hour shift, according to the company.

Operators also receive Park’s customer service: Next Day or No Pay parts guarantee; a limited two-year warranty program; and 24-hour troubleshooting customer support, seven days a week.