Laticrete, a global leader in the manufacturing of innovative systems for the installation of ceramic tile and stone, has announced the launch of Laticrete® 125 anti-fracture mortar, a lightweight, superior crack prevention mortar that passes the ANSI A118.12 specification for crack isolation in thinset ceramic tile and dimensional stone installations. Laticrete 125 anti-fracture mortar takes the place of liquid or sheet anti-fracture membranes and thinset combinations for crack isolation, bridging existing cracks up to 1/8-inch (3 mm), and preventing the transmission of new cracks to the tiled surface. Laticrete 125 anti-fracture mortar is a two-component mortar reinforced with Kevlar® to provide strength and flexibility, and its lightweight formula allows installers to quickly and easily install tile or stone yielding the same coverage as a 50-pound bag of traditional thinset.

Laticrete 125 Anti-Fracture Mortar is highly flexible and ideal for residential or commercial applications, providing peace of mind as a component of the Laticrete 10 Year System Warranty and Lifetime Residential Warranty. Representing the only thinset that meets the ANSI A118.12 specification standard, according to the company, Laticrete 125 Anti-Fracture Mortar eliminates the need for membrane thinset combinations to prevent the transmission of non-structural cracks up to 1/8 inch, and features antimicrobial protection from Microban®.

Laticrete 125 anti-fracture membrane is recommended for any size tile or stone using the thin-bed or medium-bed application, and is suitable for use over the a wide range of substrates, including concrete, cement mortar beds, cement backer board, existing ceramic tile and stone, exterior glue plywood (interior use only), brick masonry and cement terrazzo.