GranQuartz has released the first edition of a catalog exclusively covering safety products for the stone industry. This eight-page catalog, the “GranQuartz Complete Protection & Safety Equipment Catalog,” covers GranQuartz’s product offerings in each of eight key stone shop safety categories: Engineered Dust Control Systems, Material Handling, Traffic, Electrical, First Aid, Ergonomics, General Shop Safety and Personal Protective Equipment, including Hand, Respiratory, Eye, Head, Hearing and Foot Protection.

The publication also features two extremely helpful tools to assist shops in better understanding their safety requirements, “The Law” callouts and the “Safety Checklist.” “The Law” callouts are sections throughout the catalog that summarize key OSHA requirements relevant to the specific safety categories. The “Safety Checklist,” conveniently located on the back page of the catalog, itemizes each safety item by category in an easy-to-use format so that the fabrication shop can quantify their needs by comparing the items on the list with the requirements of the shop’s safety program and with what is currently available in the shop.

“This catalog is the culmination of a tremendous effort by GranQuartz to compile a comprehensive, best-in-class safety program,” said Dave Flanagan, product manager for GranQuartz. “GranQuartz built this program around key suppliers who we partnered with because of the leadership within their respective product categories, the innovation of their product lines and the commitment to safety evident in the engineering, production and quality control of their industry-leading, high-quality safety solutions.”

The publication of the catalog comes at a pivotal time for the stone industry, with increased attention to safety from government entities and education from the MIA and other industry trade associations. “The catalog is a timely resource to assist and educate shops on general safety requirements and product selection,” said Tom Probst, marketing manager for GranQuartz. “We all know that the most important part of any safety program is the actual implementation of the program. We hope that this catalog raises safety awareness to help in this process.”

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