Among the cultural activities at Marmomacc, the program included the “Marmomacc Meets Design” initiative, which paired leading international designers with 10 Italian stone processors. Three of the booths featuring these designs shared the first Marmomacc “Best Communicator Award,” presented to the booths with the best visual approaches to conveying the richness of stone. The winners included Il Casone for Kengo Kuma’s booth design.

The importance of Marmomacc to the world of stone was demonstrated by this year’s “Marmomacc Meets Design” initiative, which paired leading international designers with 10 Italian stone processors. The pairings focused on the “lightness” of stone in developing objects such as lamps as well as entire booth designs.

Three of the booths featuring these designs shared the first Marmomacc “Best Communicator Award,” presented to the booths with the best visual approaches to conveying the richness of stone. The winners:

• Il Casone for Kengo Kuma’s booth design

• Grassi Pietre for its booth, designed by Aldo Cibic

• PibaMarmi for Michele de Lucchi’s marble lamps over miniature stone structures

Kuma, Cibic, Denis Santachiara, Tobia Scarpa and Riccardo Blumer are among the designers involved with this project who were also present at Marmomacc. They were joined by a number of architects who received awards for the 10th Edition of The International Architecture In Stone Award, including Jensen & Skodvin, Paulo David, Antonio Jiménez Torrecillas and Beniamino Servino, at a ceremony held at Verona’s unique Castelvecchio Musem. This event was also attended by architects – including Angela Garcia de Paredes and Ignacio Garcia Pedrosa, as well as Ignacio Fernandez Solla - whose works were featured in the “New Stone Architecture In Spain” exhibition, which highlighted major stone projects of the last 10 years.

Marmomacc attracts architects not only thanks to its commitment to promoting stone-related design, but also because it is a showcase of technological innovations in architectural stoneworking. One example of this is the Grein Group’s “Stone Foil,” a very malleable stone material with a thickness of 2/10 mm that is considered to be ideal for non-flat surfaces. Grein created a series of motorcycle helmets with an outer layer of granite as an example of what becomes possible thanks to this increased flexibility. The helmet is available in 15 types of granite.

Marmomacc 2007 also hosted the ninth edition of its continuing education course for architects. Thirty architects from the U.S., Canada, the U.K., India, South Africa and Australia spent four days studying the importance of stone in modern design. Participants visited quarries in Lessinia, Palladio’s Villa “La Torre” and even Bertani’s 18th century Villa Novare winery.

Another award was given to Grassi Pietre for its booth, designed by Aldo Cibic.

New introductions at Marmomacc and StonExpo

Once again, the stone industry looked to the Marmomacc exhibition in Verona, Italy, and StonExpo in Las Vegas, NV, for the latest introductions in stone materials, stoneworking machinery and accessories and care/maintenance products. The following is a look at some of the new introductions that could be found on the show floors of these two major exhibitions:

Stone Materials

A. Lacroix et Fils Granit - an exclusive range of granite colors from North America, including earth tones such as Atlantic Black, Atlantic Blue and Atlantic Green as well as lighter colors such as New Rainbow, Deer Brown and Autumn Harmony

Circle No. 322

Andrade S.A. - Imperial Coffee granite from Brazil, which has a dark brown color; also announced that it is offering block sales around the world

Circle No. 321

Antolini Luigi - the Diamond Collection, which features Swarovski crystals combined with natural stones such as onyx, quartzite and other exotic materials

Circle No. 320

Bermarmol - the Antique Line of marble products from Spain, including classic stones such as Marron Imperador, Crema Marfil and Amarillo Rey, in antiqued and flamed finishes

Circle No. 319

BMS Simonelli - granite slabs with the Venezian® finish, which offers a flat surface with a textured feel; standard colors include Rialto (brown), Polo (light gold), San Marco (blue), Lido (black), Burano (light brown/tan) and Murano (green)

Circle No. 318

Bresciana Graniti - a range of Brazilian materials, which are precisely fabricated, including Gold Ray, Mascarello and Caravelas, among many others

Circle No. 317

Caesarstone - announced that it will soon be offering three new colors in its Concetta collection

Circle No. 316

Campolonghi - Tsoa Pearl, which has alternating waves of light and dark green, with blue mother-of-pearl accents

Circle No. 315

Cold Spring Granite Co. - promoted its collection of natural stone slabs quarried and supplied by the company, material includes Kasota Vally™ limestone quarried in Mankato, MN - a soft blend of varying shades of beige - and Mesabi Black™ granite - quarried in Ely, MN, and has an average absorption of 0.14%

Circle No. 314

Cosentino - the SenSa granite collection, which features slabs that are not only treated with resin products, but the material also undergoes a proprietary “SenGuard process” to protect the granite from staining; the material also carries a 15-year warranty

Circle No. 313

Curtain Wall Design & Consulting - design, engineering and construction of structural and exterior cladding systems

Circle No. 312

Dakota Granite - promoted several varieties of Dakota Granite in blocks as well as finished formats

Circle No. 311

Dimpomar - displayed a selection of stone from Portugal, including Rosal AR limestone, consisting of a creamy color and fossilization

Circle No. 310

Franken Schotter - promoted a special layer, which is called “Lotos,” from its Jura Beige quarry; available in all size tiles and slabs

Circle No. 309

Gem Granites - introduced a new granite called “Onyx,” consisting of a burgundy field with pink veining; also displayed “Golden Oak” - a yellowish granite with beige and red tones - and “Atlantic Yellow” - a yellow granite with purple flecks

Circle No. 308

Granitex - Oxford Gold granite from Namibia, which has a rich gold color with highlights of lighter gold and black

Circle No. 307

Grein - Capolavoro, a very distinctive material with dramatic waves of dark tan, yellow and light gray; Soapstone in a range of finishes

Circle No. 306

Henraux - a range of Carrara White marble from company-owned quarries in Italy, including Cervaiole as well as many other sought-after varieties

Circle No. 305

Indiana Limestone Co. - Berkshire split-face, full color blend Indiana limestone, which is competitively priced to cast stone; installation uses traditional brick ties and can be efficiently set by masons around the country

Circle No. 304

International Italmarmi - Old Calacatta marble, which has a white color and golden veining

Circle No. 303

Itapoama - Fireneze granite, with a rich gold color and black accents; Artus, which is white with gold and brown stripes; Brazilian Ivory, which has waves of gold, tan and beige; Dubai, which has shades of light and dark gold with blue accents

Circle No. 302

La Ponte Marmi - Asterix, which has a yellow color with light black waves; Costa Smerelda Dark, which has a consistent gray and colored tone; Golden Spectrus, which has dramatic patterning of gold, black and gray

Circle No. 301

Levantina - offered stone with a River Rock finish, which is lightly textured; also presented a selection of stone material, including Titanium, which consists of shades of black, gray and white

Circle No. 300

M+Q - Picasso, for which the company has a worldwide exclusive; the material has a one-of-kind pattern that incorporates sections of cream, light tan, dark tan, light black and green

Circle No. 299

Magnitos - Golden Thunder granite, which features waves of black and yellow with rust accents, from a company-owned quarry in Brazil

Circle No. 298

Mahi Granites - promoted “Giallo Artic,” a granite consisting of tones of gray and beige with black accents from the company’s exclusive quarry

Circle No. 297

Marbrasa - announced that it is quarrying a new face for New Venetian Gold granite in Brazil, enabling the company to extract 1,200 cubic meters of material per month; also added new machinery to bolster its production of San Gabriel Black, and it now produces 2,500 cubic meters per month

Circle No. 296

Marcolini Marmi - Azul Macaubas from Brazil, which has waves of light and deep blue and is available in slab format

Circle No. 295

Marmi Bruno Zanet - Abrolhos Crocodile, an exotic material quarried in Bahia, Brazil, with bright green colors and gray-white hues that create contrast with the veining, which ranges from green to black; Botanic Green quartz, also from Brazil with intense green tones and subtle dark gray highlights

Circle No. 294

Meshoppen Stone Inc. - thin stone veneer, which is cost competitive with the faux stone alternatives in the marketplace

Circle No. 293

Michelangelo - Province Beige limestone, a hard material that is quarried in the north of Brazil and has a light beige color with some fossilization

Circle No. 292

Pemagran - Sauipe, a translucent material with various shades of green and aqua from the company’s own quarry; Tropical Bronze granite, which is highlighted with black veins; Magnific Gold granite, which has a yellow/gold tone with cream and browns

Circle No. 291

Pokarna - showcased a collection of stone from India, including Golden Dream granite, a gold material with brown and carmel tones from the company’s new quarry in south India, and Cappuchino Mocha granite, a stone consisting of deep brown hues with waves of beige and cream, which is available in vein cut and crosscut

Circle No. 290

Polycor - a full range of French limestone materials from Rocamat, with which the company recently merged

Circle No. 289

Rock of Ages - offers a direct-mail book designed for architects, designers and specifiers, which contains brochures and a DVD about the company and its products as well as removable samples of granite from its quarries; the company was awarded the “2007 Rocky Advertising Award” for best direct-mail piece from the Marble Institute of America

Circle No. 288

Santa Margherita - intricate waterjet-cut patterns in engineered stone

Circle No. 287

Santucci - offered a variety of stone material, including Calacatta Paradise, a white marble with gold and black/gray veining

Circle No. 286

Technistone - displayed its 2007 color collection of engineered quartz products, which include series such as Starling, Venetian and Crystal

Circle No. 285

Tekmar - Sunset Pink marble from Turkey, which has a rust tone similar to Rojo Alicante; Crema Perfetta from Turkey, which has a consistent color that is similar to Crema Marfil; Terra-Cotta marble from Turkey, which has a rust color and a distinctive pattern

Circle No. 284

TexaStone Quarries - offered a selection of Texas limestone from its own quarries that can be used for both residential and commercial applications, including Cedar Hill Cream, Desert Sunset and TexaStone Pink

Circle No. 283

Tracomal - Key West Gold granite, which has a dark gold/brown color with black accents and consistent patterning; Zeus granite, which has waves of light and dark gold, white and gray

Circle No. 282

Vermont Quarries - displayed Danby marble for kitchen countertop use; promoted the material’s low absorption rate of .06%, which is lower than many granites

Circle No. 281

Verona Marble Co. - Legacy quartz surfacing, which has a 10-year warranty and is heat and stain resistant; Portofino marble surfacing, which consists of natural stone with optimal color consistency and strength

Circle No. 280

Walker Zanger - displayed an assor™ent of exotic stones that are available to customers nationwide, including Borgonha marble from Persia - featuring a field of dark green with gold and brown veining; Cosmos granite from Brazil, consisting of swirls of gray, silver and brown; and Caffe Bruno marble from Spain, a consistent-looking brown material which resembles suede

Circle No. 279

World Wide Stone Corp. - Durango Veracruz™, a new variety of Durango Stone™, quarried at a newly discovered deposit in the Tabasco Plains of Mexico

Circle No. 278

Zaijian Mosaic - displayed its newest collection of marble waterjet pieces which are available in a variety of patterns; also offered a selection of natural stone, glass and metal mosaics

Circle No. 277

Machinery, Accessories and Technology

AccuGlide - highlighted the AccuGlide utility saw with its new circle cutter accessory; launched a new full slab tilt table that provides a 7- x 12-foot table surface for production cutting with the AccuGlide Saw

Circle No. 276

Alpha Professional Tools - the Trim Master dry-cutting saw blade, which is reported to be the first dry-cutting blade designed for sliding miter saws

Circle No. 275

Aqua Mix - highlighted its distribution of superior built tools; displayed a range of products such as cleaners and sealers among other solutions for stone, tile and grout care

Circle No. 274

Barranca Diamond - the Barranca Diamond Profiler, which is designed to provide easy and precise milling of tile and stone on the jobsite; the unit can process rough shapes and also polish bevel and bullnose profiles on material sizes up to 24 inches

Circle No. 273

Beckart Environmental - displayed its line of wastewater trea™ent/recycling automated systems, which are regulated by PLC controllers that are assembled and programmed in-house

Circle No. 272

Blick Industries - introduced core drill supports to prevent blow outs, allowing users to safely drill all the way through workpieces, as well as the Large Mechanical Vacuum Clamp which has a large clamping area and range, and is extra-tough to withstand the harsh environment in which it is intended to be used

Circle No. 271

Braxton Bragg - offered the new QEG 5-inch variable speed electric grinder, including 5-inch blade guard, spanner wrench, spanner washer, flange and side handle; also introduced the Talon™ Platinum Dry Core Bit, which can core a hole in a 3-cm-thick piece of granite in 20 to 30 seconds, and it is designed to use freehand, no drill press required

Circle No. 270

Breton - GoldenGroove CTV3, an automatic machine for executing V-shaped grooves in natural and engineered stone panels

Circle No. 269

Carter Products - showed the CPS Model 2-D Laser Pattern Projection Systems along with its complete line of red and green lasers for material positioning

Circle No. 268

Cemar Eletro Inc. - highlighted its biggest seller - the CE-HPS-801 Bracket for its CL-800B series of bridge saw lasers

Circle No. 267

CMS/Brembana - the Sprint CNC bridge saw, which has five fully interpolated axes, the “PaSS” photo and slab system with nesting, a large working envelope for double slabs and a core drill attachment

Circle No. 266

Comandulli - introduced an automatic belt edge polishing machine for marble, granite and engineered quartz stone that can be used to create and polish pencil round profiles, flat edges and flat edge plus bevel

Circle No. 265

Denver - Quota Tech, a multi-functional 3- and 4-axis CNC machine that is ideal for kitchen countertops, vanities and monumental work; Skema Logic, a monolithic bridge saw that is ideal for complex cuts on large slabs, oval and round cuts and inclined cuts; both machines available in the U.S. through VIC International

Circle No. 264

Diamant Boart - The XOC range of diamond blades, which were specially developed for stone fabrication and are designed for increased speed, high performance and superior quality; all XOC blades are developed for intensive professional use and are 15 mm high

Circle No. 263

Diamond Productions Canada Ltd. - introduced the Gamma pad for engineered stone; the shine pad, which is uniquely blended for flat and edge polishing on granite and engineered stone; the matador grinder which polishes granite up to 9 inches thick

Circle No. 262

Diteq - displayed the Rocket Precision Stone, which is hand built in the U.S.; can be used on up to 12 x 12 inches in forward position or rip up to 36 inches in the back position and 24 x 24 inches on the diagonal; cart also has an 18-inch extension that will allow a piece of material 24 x 36 inches to be cut

Circle No. 261

ECS Eich - promoted its fully automatic water treatment plants, which can be used in the stone fabrication process

Circle No. 260

EdgeMarc Tools, Inc. - displayed the fully-loaded 2500 HT bridge saw that features state-of-the-art technology; the spinning table spins in both directions with pneumatic locks for all square positions as well as 45-degree angles, and it comes with an easy-to-use touch-screen to program multiple cuts

Circle No. 259

ETemplate Systems - a templating system with fully automated DXF/CAD drawing capability and a machine that automatically verifies accuracy with a capacity to handle 500 million measurement points per click of the camera; ETemplate Version 2.3 is a versatile and comprehensive three-dimensional measuring system for measuring stairs, wall cladding, backsplashes, tub surrounds, showers and countertops

Circle No. 258

Eurostone - offered a full line of equipment from Thibaut, including recently introduced machines such as the TC750 5-axis CNC bridge saw, featuring a powerful spindle with up to 23.6 HP (17.6 kW) and a work table measuring 11.8 x 6.5 feet (3600 x 2000 mm); and the T812 Compact CNC Machining Center, which features 3 or 4 axis, tool attachment by BT 40 stainless steel cones and a tool magazine that holds up to 32 tools

Circle No. 257

F. Barkow - the Backsplash Caddy, which is designed to hold three backsplash sections, each up to 8 inches long; when bolted to the bed of a cargo van or pickup truck, the Backsplash Caddy was designed to be a safe, simple low-profile way to store and transport backsplashes

Circle No. 256

Fabricator’s Choice - LaserTop™ Digital Laser Projection System, which allows users to project the template, including pod set up, directly on the slab for cutting with a bridge saw or CNC; also modeled the ECS Eich fully automated water purification system

Circle No. 255

Flow International - the Stonecrafter waterjet featuring 87,000 psi hyper-pressure technology designed specifically for stone

Circle No. 254

F.Meccanica - introduced the FLTL flexible multi-disc center, which was specifically designed for the U.S. market; available in a single module version with a sole rotating bench as well as a double module version with two bridges - one fixed and one rotating

Circle No. 253

Fraccaroli & Balzan - promoted its line of waster water trea™ent and recycling plants

Circle No. 252

GMM/Salem Stone - the new Egil 36 automatic bridge saw and molding machine with 180-degree head rotation and 0- to 90-degree tilting head for a blade up to 725 mm

Circle No. 251

Global E-Sourcing, Inc. - Global Stone Pro™ software for countertop fabricators and retailers, which features a drawing module specifically built for countertop drawing and quoting; users can also build in all business rules into the pricing module

Circle No. 250

Granite City Tool - displayed the Patriot Rebel work center for sink cut-outs; introduced D Evolution S-Segmented silent core granite blades, a slab cart to transport finished countertops and the short lip sink tool

Circle No. 249

GranQuartz - new ADI Ultra High Speed CNC tooling, which is three times faster than others; Ebbco Inc. Stoneworking filtration system

Circle No. 248

Groves Inc. - distributed a new brochure entitled “Glass & Stone Storage Systems,” which includes the company’s range of slab and transport racks, dollies and shop carts; introduced a new dumpster that has a 4,000-pound capacity and continuous length fork tubes, which add stability when unloading

Circle No. 247

Innovative Stone - highlighted the Proliner® Series 5.7 and Series 8 for digital templating

Circle No. 246

Intermac - presented the Master 30, a new entry-level 3-axis countertop machine for the U.S. market; also introduced the new TWIN CNC machine available in two sizes - the Master 33 TWIN and Master 43 TWIN - and will double the production rate on profiling, the company reports

Circle No. 245

International Machine Corp. - introduced Robostone by H™ Group Srl, a machine ideal for creating sculptures and detailed architectural pieces such as bas-reliefs; allows profiling with saw blades up to 725 mm in diameter

Circle No. 244

Italdiamant - introduced the Ecoline, a new concept based on environment protection which uses total absence of nickel in the diamond filler bond as well as minimal use of Cobalt in the same bond, and instead relies on other powders that are more eco-compatible

Circle No. 243

Kaeser Compressors, Inc. - promoted its line of Kaeser compressed air systems, which are available in any size, and they are engineered for easy maintenance and energy efficiency

Circle No. 242

Komo Machine, Inc. - displayed the Meridian bridge saw which features a 14-inch programmable z-axis, a color touch screen, Omron PLC control and laser blade path verification; also highlighted the Summit stone machining center featuring a 15-inch touch screen with integrated PC

Circle No. 241

Laser Products - demonstrated the LT-55 Precision Laser Templator, which offers precision laser measuring in real time, and provides field measurements in .dxf format with multi-color and multi-plane files, while offering low operating costs in the field and at the shop

Circle No. 240

Löffler - a complete line of stone fabrication systems, including the modular Löffler Galileo software package, the fully automatic Löffler CPS 1 that can cut three to four slabs per hour and the Löffler LBZ DT-Dual Table Machining Center

Circle No. 239

Marmo Meccanica/Marmo Machinery USA - a new line of LCV Magnum Vertical Edge Polishing Machines for straight flat-squared 1 to 6 cm thick marble or granite edges; designed with a small footprint and featuring a high rate of production at a low cost per lineal foot

Circle No. 238

Marmoelettromeccanica - the Master Work Station, a working bench for use with the company’s Master 3500 portable router, allowing for drilling, cutting with a template, profiling and shaping with a template, fabricating drainboards for kitchen tops and surface polishing

Circle No. 237

Matrix Stone Products - the new Supra bridge saw, which offers three different cutting modes - manual, semi-automatic and automatic

Circle No. 236

Mitsubishi/MC Machinery - highlighted the M700 series of waterjet machines that are controlled with WaterCAD/CAM programming, including the Suprema™ 4-axis DX model, the Classica 2-3 axis CL model and the Evolution XS model

Circle No. 235

Montresor - displayed the Luna 740, the company’s latest model of edge polishers, which includes a unique polishing head rotation system; available in the U.S. through Salem Stone

Circle No. 234

Monument Toolworks - displayed the Gorilla Grip, a parallign seam clamp that utilizes an electric vacuum pump that provides for an extremely powerful and consistent attachment to the stone

Circle No. 233

Moraware - JobTracker job management software for fabricators, allowing users to create a quote, turn the quote into a job, allocate material from inventory and schedule the measure, production and install dates as well as any other milestones for that

Circle No. 232

Northwood - the SawJETs™ combination waterjet/bridge saw, available in both single and twin table configurations, which combines the flexibility of abrasive waterjet technology with the speed and economy of cut common to CNC sawing

Circle No. 231

Omag - the Lasimark, a laser system for marble, granites and glass engraving

Circle No. 230

Omax - introduced the new Fabricator JetCutting Center, ideal for large-format abrasive waterjet cutting for stone or metal fabrication shops, features a table size of 174 x 89 inches

Circle No. 229

Park Industries - the new HydraSplit® C70, which features durable construction and optimal power; the machine has 70 tons of cutting force, featuring chisel equalization on both the top and bottom heads in an all-new compact design

Circle No. 228

Pearl Abrasive Co. - the Pearl Reactor™ silent core blade with A.D.M.™ technology for granite, engineered stone and other materials, available in sizes of 14 and 16 inches with full 18-mm segments; diamonds are placed in specific patterns and concentrations in order to achieve optimal cutting

Circle No. 227

Pedrini - celebrated 45 years in the development of machinery for processing marble, granite and other natural stone

Circle No. 226

Pellegrini - the Polywire 32 multi-wire saw, which is used to process blocks into raw slabs; the saw is designed to do the work of several gangsaws, and it can cut slabs ranging from 2 to 5 cm in thickness

Circle No. 225

Regent Stone Products - promoted the Regent I Store, which allows customers to set-up a personal account and order from the company’s online catalog, includes contract pricing

Circle No. 224

Right Manufacturing - introduced the new 32,000-pound 6DH tumbler, as well as a new conveying system; displayed the 5VE Tumbler which features an adjustable vibration system and a waste management system

Circle No. 223

Sommer & Maca Industries - introduced the “easy-tilt” hydraulic slab cart designed to handle full or partial slabs safely and easily on all surfaces, as well as a multifab work station to cut, profile, drill and make sink cut-outs on one machine; displayed the Bulldog tile bullnose machine from Raimondi Tools U.S.A.

Circle No. 222

Stone Boss Industries - promoted Tyrolit Vincent CNC tooling

Circle No. 221

Tenax - new tooling for slab polishers that creates a “Caress” effect on the stone surface that has texture, yet retains its gloss

Circle No. 220

Terzago - offered a complete line of machinery for stone fabrication, including block cutters, bridge saws and polishing machines

Circle No. 219

Thibaut - the T812 compact CNC machining center, which can be equipped with three or four axes; the unit has a working table of approximately 10 x 5 feet, spindle power of 12.3 horsepower and can accommodate up to 32 tools

Circle No. 218

U.S. Granite Machinery - introduced the Sasso Meccanica Flying Bull for round and flat edge polishing in the TE range which is designed to meet the strictest requirements in straight, tilted and rounded edge processing; distributed a new catalog highlighting some of the company’s most popular machines

Circle No. 217

VIC International - the Diamond Back Splash (DBS) machine, offered exclusively by the company; designed to dramatically reduce the possibility of breakage, a pressure indicator shows actual pad pressure being applied, gauges assure that each backsplash is exactly the same height as the others being used on the job

Circle No. 216

Vytek Industrial Laser Systems - displayed the L-Star and the Special F/X2 Vytek Laser Engraving Systems, which can be used to engrave a wide range of surfaces, including granite, marble, ceramics and glass, among others

Circle No. 215

Water Trea™ent Technologies - the Concentrator for high solids removal and high-quality gray water; the automated product works in concert with the EnviroSystem for 100% crystal clear water or as an economical stand-alone unit

Circle No. 214

Wood’s Powr-Grip - vacuum-lifting equipment designed specifically for stone handling, with safety features such as red-line indicators, warning buzzers and dual vacuum systems

Circle No. 213

Z. Bavelloni - demonstrated the new Egar N 450 CNC machine for countertops

Circle No. 212

Zonato - offered a line of machinery, including the I-Cut CNC bridge saw, which combines the utility of a bridge saw with the flexibility of CNC machinery, creating a 5-axis machine

Circle No. 211

Care/Maintenance Products

Akemi - introduced its mobile training center; also displayed its new Color Spectrum Bonding Kit, featuring eight primary colors and seven pre-matched colors to most popular stones

Circle No. 210

Bellinzoni - offered a new stone care kit that has been repackaged and is environmentally friendly

Circle No. 209

Bonstone - the Natural Stone Repair Kit for countertops and flooring, which was developed for the restoration and repair of granite, marble, and limestone surfaces and allows for on-site color replication stone materials; the kit features the Last Patch Gel, a UV-stable patching compound and an assortment of three liquid tints plus mixing and application tools.

Circle No. 208

Dry Treat - Stain-Proof, an impregnating sealer for natural stone pavers and tiles that also controls moss and mildew

Circle No. 207

Dupont™ StoneTech® Professional - promoted water-based High Gloss Finishing Sealer - offering brilliant shine and surface protection for a variety of natural stone surfaces - and Semi Gloss Finishing Sealer - giving subtle shine and surface protection for a variety of natural stone surfaces

Circle No. 206

Fila - the Fila Marble Restorer kit, a simple package which includes all of the products needed to remove acid stains from polished marble surfaces

Circle No. 205

Miracle Sealants - 511 Impregnator, which now contains anti-microbial properties that have achieved superior results against fungal growth in testing; the product is now mold and algae resistant, inhibits the growth of bacterial odors and guards against degradation from microorganisms

Circle No. 204

Tenax - Tepox V, a product which permanently changes the color of light-colored or undesirable materials

Circle No. 203


AmeriSink - emphasized its Economy line of stainless steel sinks in sizes such as 32 x 18 x 8 and 32 x 21 x 9 inches in particular

Circle No. 202

Artisan Manufacturing Corp. - offered premium undermount kitchen sink collections, including 13 styles and 22 sizes with depths up to 10 1/8 inches; also offers farmhouse sinks and European-style faucets

Circle No. 201

Chemcore Industries Inc. - displayed a selection of sinks, which are 18 gauge stainless steel, 304 surgical stainless steel, 18/10 chromium/nickel content, spray sound deadener, rubber sound deadener pads, brushed or polished deck; also reverse bowls available

Circle No. 200

Soci - a full range of sinks and vanities, including sinks made from stainless steel, copper, vitreous china, travertine and “SociStone”

Circle No. 199