Polycor Inc., the Quebec, Canada-based group that serves the dimensional stone market has joined Rocamat S.A., a stone producer based in France. The transaction takes the form of a contribution to Rocamat S.A. of all the issued shares of Polycor Inc. The new group will include more than 1,000 employees, and its sales will exceed $180 million.
Management remains the same, and no reduction in the number of employees is planned at Polycor or at Rocamat. Both companies will continue to operate under their respective names. Management also reported that existing business relationships as well as customer service will not be affected by this transaction.
“This grouping fits perfectly in our development plan,” said André F. Scott, Vice President of Corporate Affairs at Polycor. “Indeed, it will enable both companies to broaden their respective product lines and provide access to new markets.”
The Rocamat group, which most recently reported a sales turnover of 75 million euros (U.S. $103 million), and it employs 700 people. L’Européenne de Marbre (another company of the holding) carried out 15 million euros (U.S.$ 20.6 million) of sales turnover during the same period, and it employs 50 people.
Rocamat, which exploits 35 limestone quarries in France, is a major company in the stone sector. Included are limestone quarries, manufacturing facilities, distribution and installation. It is also involved in granite for roadway systems, manufacturing and funerary products.
The Polycor group most recently reported a sales turnover of 40 million euros (U.S. $55 million). The company, which employs 375 people, is a full-service group built on the synergy of its subsidiaries, providing natural stone since 1884. Polycor’s main activities are quarrying stone blocks, manufacturing finished stone products and designing custom stone products. Polycor’s selection of natural stone products ranges from quarry blocks to slabs, tiles, architectural stone, granite and marble cut-to-size, curbs, landscaping products, bridge piers and memorials. Polycor has a network of sales executives throughout North America and around the world, 25 marble and granite quarries and five modern manufacturing complexes located in Canada and in the U.S.