VIC International, with its engineering and manufacturing associate, RYE Corp., set out to create a machine that would cut bowl holes faster and cheaper. The result was the Scorpion, a multifunctional machine that is gaining the attention of shops of all sizes, from start up to established countertop production shops, with its ability to produce a bowl hole in 3-cm granite in under 15 minutes. The Scorpion is versatile in that it also allows fabricators to drill water supply holes, polish the bowl opening, profile the edge and also polish backsplashes. The Scorpion is driven by a powerful 3 hp variable speed (2,700 to 10,000 rpm) motor. The 220 single-phase power requirements allow the Scorpion to easily work into any shop. An extension table can be added to the already sturdy design to allow the ease of handling larger kitchen tops with multiple sink openings. The Scorpion utilizes a versatile radial arm to give the operator a working length of 7 feet. The tool holder’s brass sleeve follows a template allowing the fabricator to cut an accurate and clean bowl opening. The cutting is done with a replaceable diamond tip. The coring of water lines is as simple as turning the hand crank on the machine, which is not only fast, but also effortless. Bowl hole polishing and profiling is made easy as well as accurate due to the rigid radial arm on the Scorpion.

Designed to combine high productivity with ease of operation, the Scorpion can be manned by entry-level personnel; and dust-free production helps meet OSHA requirements. The machine is engineered rugged for the stone fabrication shop environment. This, along with simple set up and ease of operation, makes the Scorpion one of the most popular options in the stone industry today, according to VIC.