The Fab Saw SS is Granite City Tool’s new rail saw designed for stoneworkers that want a deeper cutting saw. The Fab Saw SS takes a 14-inch blade and is capable of cutting 2 ¾-inch depths. The height adjustment allows for full plunge cuts. The motor is positioned higher than the saw arbor and is gear driven. The motor is 2HP, 120 Volts, 1725 RPM with a built in GFI (Ground Fault Interrupter). The blade flange is a 6 ½-inch diameter to eliminate blade flex and reduce blade noise. The saw’s arbor is 60 mm to accept most 14-inch blades. Standard water fittings and flex hoses are included, and the new saw weighs only 83 pounds.

The new innovative anodized aluminum rails are a captured guide system, which will not allow the saw to rise up from the tracks during the cut. It comes with three 6 ½-foot rails that can all interlock together.

Options for the Fab Saw SS include a Power Feed Motor for hands-free operation and a Vacuum/Float rail-clamping device.